Twitter investor gives to engineers free FEM software.

Festive mood at Simscale: the Munich-based start up famous Twitter investor Union Square Ventures of a new simulation platform for engineers. What makes them so special? well…. its free to engineers.

Simscale Simulator
A start-up at the Technical University of Munich has developed a Web-based simulation software, for example students can use for free. Twitter investor Union Square Ventures has gone now.

There is an imbalance in the development industry: large companies annually spend millions on modern simulation software and can thus refine computer ideas, so that first prototypes are already quite mature. Small businesses can not afford that and often are using “trial” or “demo” versions. You will lose lots of time and money in the development. “A license for professional simulation software costs approximately €50,000 a year”, said Milad Mafi spokesman for the Simscal software company .

Technical University of Munich’s own start-up wants to compensate this imbalance: the company has developed a free cloud-based simulation platform for students and start-ups. And now a world famous investor express believes in that idea.

Union Square Ventures has secured 17% of the company

None other than Union Square Ventures (UPS) has jumped into the boat by Simscale. New York venture capitalists – known for investments in earlier startups like Twitter, Tumblr and kick start – has actively participated in company. According to information of the online magazine founder scene, Union Square has secured 17% of the shares. Simscale wish to not speak to the paid sum. Value should be significant and normally goes up to 20 million $.

The Americans are to put up safe, after Twitter and kick start with the Munich-based start-up to a growth segment. “Simulation technology has a massive impact on how to build planes and cars of high end manufacturers. SimScale brings together these capabilities worldwide to every user who has a browser and an Internet connection”, says Albert Wenger, partner at Union Square Ventures.

Simscale free software
Simulation of air distribution with the Simscale software. Photo: Simscale

Engineers can use this software for free

The idea for the software came founder David Heiny and his four co-founders while studying at the Technical University of Munich. Students programmed a wide range of simulation tools in the fields of fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, and acoustics and provided they first 2013 online.

Use is provided to allow other engineers in the simulation projects even free – shoulder views. However, wants privacy, you’ll pay a small fee. Exception: Students. Get free chance to test non-public during his studies.

Student simulate aerodynamic of motorcycles

When students the idea is good. The example of Niklas Siwczak goes to show. The mechanical engineering student of Leibniz used University of Hanover the software to simulate the aerodynamics of two motorcycles at the overtaking. “As an aspiring engineer the idea intrigued by your own product ideas – with the help of simulation – to test virtually on the computer”, Sampson said.

Flow simulation of motorcycles during competitions. A start-up at the Technical University of Munich has developed a Web-based simulation software, for example students can use for free. Twitter investor Union Square Ventures bought most of the company.

Ways to deal with, with this technology in the study had been limited by long time. Because necessary programs and high-performance computers are rarely available. “That these tools now also via the Web browser can be used and are free of charge for students, is a great help for me.”

This is also the reason why Simscale believes in the success of its simulation platform. Users save costs, because they require no extra hardware and do not download the software, but use on the platform over the Web. “In contrast to stationary software provides Simscale its users demand access to engineering simulations. For this purpose, only a Web browser with an Internet connection is necessary. All tools are provided with the necessary computing power via the cloud and billed fees”, Simscale spokesman Mila declares to

Simscale team
Simscale team

A developer should need a license, with which he protected can count on, the costs are depending on the computational effort between 1000$ and year. Apparently it depends: currently Simscale has about 50,000 users according to their own figures.