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What a tribute to the legendary Motor yacht Sea Maid

How beautiful is that?

In a time when one car is the same as the other and boats are made mainly of plastic and fiberglass, the Parisian designer Dimitri Bez comes and designs a wooden boat with an electric motor that could be smooth from the 1950s.

A dream!

In fact, the only dead Roger Moore, who takes place with the unforgettable Bond girl Britt Ekland on the leather upholstery of the legendary Motorboat Sea Maid to do what a James Bond has to do.

In 1947, this incredibly classic motorboat was presented with its distinctive burr pattern. And now, eighty eight years later, there is at least one design that the Sea Maid could look like today as an electric boat.

A wonderful design created by French industrial designer Dimitri Bez. Classic designs of historic cars and motorcycles have already been created in Bez ‘Atelier.

Motorboat Zebra commemorates the legendary Sea Maid of 1947 Now a wooden boat. Without fiberglass and plastics, as they indicate the sound on the boat in Düsseldorf.

Of course, there are still nostalgic sailors who rely on wood in boatbuilding, but Designer Bez puts a special, classic accent in his “Zebra” motorboat.

He designed an elongated motorboat, with a never ending deck and a generous seat group in the stern. And that is leather and bright orange.

The whole boat is a tribute to the legendary Sea Maid of 1947, which has set standards to this day.

Like the great model, Bez presents the modern variant as pure wooden boat, whereby the wood planks are structured by slim chrome plates.

Therefore the name Zebra. Bez plays with the strips, lets them run diagonally towards each other.

Cockpit classic with steering wheel In the cockpit it is also completely classic. Round instruments and a white steering wheel let the 1950s revive.

The staging would be perfect, if there was not in the center a touch screen, over which the captain can navigate.

If the captain turns around, the illusion is already perfect again: the marvelous seat landscape radiates in orange leather.

Under the hood, a powerful yet quiet electric motor should drive the boat and plow through the waves. The boat has two cabins and accommodates six to eight passengers.

Only: the boat is not yet available and is only a dream space waiting to be commissioned by a rich boat driver.

That’d be really nice. And if you love wood like that, we would still have this houseboat for you. It looks like a UFO, but is completely off wood.

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