Trends in German Engineering

How many students are there in Germany? According to a latest statistics of the Federal Statistical Office in the academic year 2014/2015 will have total 2.698.910 students. The most popular fields of study are law, economics, and social sciences with 822.745 Mechanical Engineering. Directly engineering followed with 545.408 students. And here, engineers of the future have clear fan favorite.

Mechanical engineering is the most popular subject for future engineers

Mechanical engineering with 208.699 students ends up on one of the most popular subjects. Follow (44.883), architecture (40.074), electrical engineering (85.462), the industrial engineering engineering focusing (61.715), (57.469) civil engineering, General Engineering traffic engineering (28.989) spatial planning (8.610), the surveying (6.292) and mining (3.215).

Engineering Sciences have low rate of women

And how is it ordered to the male and female rates? In engineering the statistics reveals an imbalance. Of the 545.408 students, 121.675 are just female. It runs through various compartments. In mechanical engineering, for example, 168.719 men are represented, but only 39.980 women. 41.209 men and 16.260 women are enrolled in civil engineering.

The most popular subject for future students is engineering. 208.699 students are currently enrolled
The most popular subject for future students is engineering. 208.699 students are currently enrolled.

It seems similarly unbalanced in electrical engineering. 75.613 men and 9.849 women learn here. “The serious trends in MINT industries means every year a value added loss in billions of dollars for the German economy”, said Ralph Appel, Director of the Association of German engineers (VDI), already in the framework of the Bonn exhibition of 2015 women & work “we must therefore increasingly inspire women for MINT Professions, because they are clearly underrepresented in the engineering profession.”

Especially popular with women: architecture and planning

There are also subjects of engineering in which women are outnumbered

In the winter semester, 23.163 women, but only 16.911 men studied the compartment. On the other hand, the spatial planning. Federal Statistical Office has registered 4.343 women and 4.267 men.

The language and cultural studies (499.561), mathematics and natural sciences (490.433), and the Medicine/Health Sciences (157.166) come in three to five of the most popular fields of study in Germany, by the way.