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All About 22k euro 70km/h Electric Bike from Netherlands

The E-bike of the Dutch manufacturer Trefecta is in a different League than ordinary electric bicycles. Equipped with high-quality materials and on-board computer is the Super wheel accelerating quickly up to 70 km/h. The costs of the foldable robust bikes lays around 22,000 euros.

No compromise this is stated credo by Haiko Visser, the founder of Trefecta. The Dutch company has released an E-bike in several versions, for road and off road, which draws on the best materials, technologies and engineering, which is currently available. Also includes a little show that eventually will cost about as much as a mid-size car, the Super electric bicycle.

At 45 km/h, the wheel has a range of 100 km

Originally, the Trefecta wheel for the military and the police has been developed, says Haiko Visser, with correspondingly high requirements of robustness and resilience. The ultra strong and foldable frame is made of an aluminum, which is used in the aerospace, the rims are made of a carbon braid. The wheel in any terrain can move up to 150 kg with full power.


The 4KW-Elektro-Motor can bring the bike to a top speed of 70 km/h. Will you be slightly more economical and longer, without having to appear even in the pedals, with a battery charge and 45 km/h to get around 100 km away. The 60 volts battery is equipped with lithium-ion charges and according to the manufacturer top-up in an hour from zero to 80%. For longer trips, an additional battery can be installed. Front and rear wheel are made from carbon fibre and can be rapidly replaced by a quick-release mechanism.

In addition to the off-road model, there are also city-bikes

The circuit, the one not to worry practically while driving, comes from the Dutch manufacturer Smesh. It switches automatically and hydraulically controlled, at full speed and under stress in the most effective course.


The entire bike weighs 38 lbs. The suspension of fork is, adjusted depending on the road is what terrain, electronically in their strength on the handlebars. This also applies to several other functions, including the data supplied by the on-board sensors on a display. About the Smartphone app that runs on iOS (for iPhone and iPod), there is information on speed, distance, range, speed and battery level. With the special rollover protection, you can set the angle until the front wheel from the roadway rises to.

So far, the Trefecta wheel comes in four versions and six different colors. There is the off-road model, as a premier class, with the aforementioned top speed of 70 km/h and a range of 55 km. To do this the manufacturer writes: “Questions about the meaning and purpose appear irrelevant, after one has experienced the power of the off road wheel.” The other models were throttled in their power so that they go up to 45 km/h and are suitable for the road, or for urban traffic.


with board computer you can configure almost anything

Who all convinced and who is still ready to 22,500 euros or to spend more for the macho vehicle, can configure a wheel on the manufacturer’s website and order. On request, Trefecta calls the dealers in the Netherlands or to equal bidding for a test drive.