330 kg of military plutonium with no escort

Any vessel (except warships) is equipped with a transmitter that enables accurate tracking its position then two others have been disabled. No vessel, except for those ice-brakers from Antarctica and the Antarctic are not specially reinforced. No civilian ship are not armed so why these two are? Are not caring particularly valuable cargo. It’s neither a weapon, or gold, or diamonds, or any other valuables. For their cargo many terrorists will do almost anything.

Simple ship with a little more steel and extra battery packs transporting military plutonium that can destroy this planet.

Pacific Egret and the Pacific Heron is seemingly ships which do not distinguish anything special. At first glance, they look so like all similar to their commercial units flying the flag all over the world. However, innocent appearance conceals a lot more than you see at first glance. Both units have double navigation and communication systems (failure of one of them automatically starts the backup system), doubled the engines, twin rudders and propellers, spare power generators, reinforced 20 mm steel side impact protection to pas through anything ahead, then make it double waterproof hull, reinforced bulkheads for flooding or almost cover the cargo compartments of the tank.

transporting 330 kg of military plutonium

Added to this is weaponry. It is known that vessels have a plot and intended for mounting machine guns. Neither the company nor the manufacturer does not reveal more details, however, stresses that the visible from the outside is not the only weapons that both ships can be used to defend against attack. What is everything? Ships carrying materials, with which you can produce huge amounts of dirty weapons-enriched uranium and plutonium. If they charge got into unwanted hands would mean it’s not a real problem for the whole world. Added to this is the weight of transported cargo is a few hundred pounds. Of this amount, you can build a few large atomic bomb or several smaller ones.

transporting 330 kg of military plutonium
Machine Guns as only defense against terrorist attack. Photo: Egret

Both units are relatively young. Heron was launched in 2008, and Egret in the year 2010. It was the Japanese Mitsui shipyard for the company Pacific Nuclear Transport, which deals with the transport of fissile materials. From the beginning it was designed so that all critical systems are doubled, as well as to minimize the risk of escape of nuclear materials into the environment. Each of them less than measured 104 meters in length, 17 meters in width, accelerates to a speed of 14 knots and is able to accommodate 20 special containers with radioactive products. In addition to the exceptional security vessels filled are specially chosen crew, which must meet a much higher requirements of education and experience, than it is required in the fleet.

Low profile and confidence that no-one will know about shipment

Both units have proceeded a few days ago on a cruise, which was supposed to remain a total mystery. Only through a Japanese non-governmental organisations, we know that both ships set out on a journey from the port of Tokai, and their destination are the United States. The route, which will sail is strictly secret, so I just disabled all transmitters and detectors. You can only hope that individuals deliberately skip the well-known trails, often extending the same way. The expected duration of the cruise is about two months. Nothing but strange because, according to Greenpeace’s analysis is the largest transport of nuclear material since 1992. On Board has to be located about 330 kg military plutonium and high enriched uranium in an unknown quantity.

Where the whole transportation? In the world there are only a few places where you can convert military plutonium to fuel nuclear reactors – the so-called MOX. After the closure of the specialized establishments in the UK and Belgium only the French and the Americans are in a position to make appropriate modifications of plutonium by combining it with uranium and thus power reactors for civilian power plants. The powers of the French establishment are limited, so it was decided to carry supplies to the United States. Secondly, transport arises from the agreement concluded between the United States and Japan. USA rent a certain amount of fissile material the Japanese and the time has come for their return. The transport is performed on behalf of the American Government and the nuclear agency in United States.