Transparent Tent

In the tent and enjoy a view on the sea or in the stars: the inflatable bubble tent by the same US company that makes it possible. However, the inclined camper pays for it with his privacy. Because the whole tent is transparent.Is yours the next camping vacation almost outside the door? Then you could worry now about an alternative to the traditional tent, providing bubble tent US. The transparent tent consists of a platform and an outer skin of 1 mm thick PVC film that simply blow up with an electric pump to a dome with a diameter of up to 4 m can be. The highlight: The film is transparent and allows a panoramic view into the environment.

Bubble Tent: Romantic look to the stars for $1700

In the Interior of the bubble tent the user can unwind, for example they set up a bed and enjoy the view during the day on the sea or in the stars at night. Wind do not interfere with campers, only issue is that they can forget privacy and even become an eye-catcher.

Transparent Tent - winter
Foto: Bubble Tents US

And the campers have to give up the degree of mobility, too. Classic tents are easy to bring. Bubble tent is a bit heavy, it takes around 100 kg of weight which is not a comfortable package. It is thus more suited for fixed installation on campsites or in your own backyard, less for spontaneous trips, or simply buy a jeep, SUV or pickup and up-pack directly on the beach. The transparent tent by the way is not exactly cheap. Costs of approximately $1700 looks like overvalued.

Alternative: Autonomous living egg for €79.900

If you are looking for similar camping options, also in the similar direction nice alternative is design by architects model ECOCAPSULE. The architectural firm has developed this Ecocapsule in Bratislava / Slovakia as a living capsule that offers upscale outdoor living comfort for two persons.

Solar panels covering an area of 2.6 square meters located on the rounded roof of the Ecocapsule. 600 watts of electricity is supplied directly to grid inside the tent. That is sufficient to meet the solitary hermit day. Photo: Nice architects

Inside the 4.45 m long, 2.25 m wide and 2.55 high living cell are a toilet, a shower, a small kitchen, a small dining or working table with two chairs and a bed that can be retracted during the day. Power bring into the Living Egg small windmill (750 W) and solar panels on the roof (600 W), water drills are with a system that collects rain water, cleans and stores it in the tank under the living capsule for further use.

Everything sounds great, but is still much more expensive than transparent bubble tent. Whole €79.900 friends of autonomous living must put on the table. For this, they then can bring their new 1.5 t-heavy home to the world with a car trailer in almost every place.