Translucent and Transparent Wood as Building Material ready for Mass Production

Windows and solar panels in the future can be produced from one of the best and the cheapest known material: wood. Swedish researchers have developed a new transparent material made from wood, which is ready for mass production.

A team of scientists from the Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm until then developed a microscopic sample of optically transparent wood, however, it is possible to manufacture the material on a large scale.

Transparent wood is a good material for solar panels, because it is a cheap, easily accessible and renewable resource. This becomes particularly important when meeting the large surface of the solar panels, “said Lars Berglund, one of the authors of the discovery.

Berglund argues that transparent panels made of wood can be used for Windows and facades, which are supposed to help keep privacy. Producing material with veneer, which by using the methods of chemical lignin is removed.

When you remove the lignin, we get beautiful white wood. But because the material is naturally clear, we can achieve this effect by applying nanotechnology, said Berglund.

White Glove wood using a translucent polymer. In the near future a transparent wood can appear in a variety of areas of life.