Track luggage on phone or spy on unexpected?

Luggage tracing module CheckSmart is the latest suggestion in travel accessories world. Just put it in a suitcase, to always be able to see where you can find our suitcase. Or yet choose random person and in 2-3 days know all about them. This is not funny.
The module was created for all those who care about the safety of the goods carried. Simply download the free application on your mobile phone and place the device in a suitcase to be notified about location. Nevertheless we do not travel much and loosing luggage is not happening often in EU.

So why this company is optimistic in sales projection.

This is an interesting to complement to the baggage after landing in the port of destination shall notify the device the traveler about the location of his suitcase. In the event of its loss, the traveler can quickly contact the airport and inform her of the situation and also about where is currently our luggage. This allows for a quick response and saves time.

Baggage tracking module to be activated by registering on the site or install the free application on your mobile phone. Before your trip, you must enable trace module and after 10-15 seconds the device connects to the network. When placed in a suitcase the module goes into airplane mode (by detecting acceleration), so that it meets the stringent requirements of the airline. Then “waking up” after landing (by detecting speed) sends owner notification of the location in the form of SMS messages or e-mail. CheckSmart module operates almost worldwide (where there is GSM coverage). During the first year of subscription for the use of mobile networks is included in the price of the device. In the following years, waiting for us the annual fee is $20.