Toyota taxi of the future

A Japanese taxi industry and Toyota partnered to create taxis of the future. Soon we will have perfect way to 

August 8, the anniversary of the start of the first taxi in Japan in 1912, Japanese Federation of Taxi Associations and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has informed about the signing of a letter of intent on cooperation on the creation and the introduction of Japanese taxis of the future.

Toyota’s presence in the Japanese taxi industry dates back to 1936, when taxi drivers in this country began operation of the Toyota Model AA. This was the beginning of cooperation with industry, where traditions are continued to this day through the current model Crown Comfort. Toyota’s cars used as taxis pass per year even after 100 thousand miles, which contributes to the continuous improvement of their construction, providing more and more durability and reliability, as well as the safety and comfort of travel.

The Japanese Federation of Taxi Associations and Toyota has long been jointly attempt to new Japanese taxis were the safest and most convenient means of public transport.

Toyota is working on a new generation of taxi, which will reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality and will help to improve the quality of life in cities. A new vehicle that has hit the market as early as next year, will provide greater convenience to passengers, especially the elderly, families with children and foreign tourists. In this way, the Japanese Federation of Taxi Associations and Toyota intend to contribute to a society open to all, and at the same time help promote Japan as a tourist destination.

Toyota taxi of the future
Photo: Toyota

The most important objectives of cooperation include in addition to the development of the specification for a new vehicle to the promotion of environmentally friendly for all passengers of taxis based on universal design (UD, Universal Design), as well as an assessment of conditions linked with construction of the supporting systems, development of advanced safety systems and collaborate on providing services in multiple languages.

In the Tokyo metropolitan area partners will lead activities associated with the development of new technologies for automated driving, taking into account the diverse group of drivers, including the elderly and foreigners, which will help reduce the load on the taxi drivers work. They will include the use of taxis for the collection and traffic information, which after examining the will to develop the concept of automatic driving Toyota Teammate Mobility and cooperation in the field of creative business solutions related to automated driving based on Mobility Teammate.