Top Manufacturers of Largest Wind Turbines

The world market for wind turbines is growing and growing. Every third wind power plant in the world is mad in China. This is twice as many as in the United States. Consequences for the Eropean manufacturer: Two biggest producers of wind power sitting in Germany. Four of them are from China.China has installed wind power in 2015 nearly half of the 63 gigawatt (GW) on global production, which worldwide have been added in the last year. 2014, China before Spain had been on the third place of the world rankings. But also in India the wind power capacity is growing rapidly slowly taking over energy market.

As the turbine manufacturer, Germany holds the first rank with market leader Siemens.

Currently, there are nine large wind turbine manufacturers in the world. China is very strong. Of the nine large two come out from Germany and at least four China. Denmark, the United States and India have each have a large wind turbine manufacturer.

We have compiled the nine largest wind power plant manufacturer in the world for you.

(9) Envision Energy (

Envision is the smallest of the four major Chinese manufacturers of wind turbines. Photo: Envision
Envision is the smallest of the four major Chinese manufacturers of wind turbines. Photo: Envision

The Chinese company with a world market share of well over three per cent focused mainly on Denmark in Europe. Envision occurs with the claim, to look always “smart” solutions and also to find. Clarifies the latter are but not very accurate.

(8) Ming Yang Wind Power (

This Chinese producers is a privatly held company, whose shares are traded stock market among other things on the New York. In technical field, Ming Yang Wind Power cooperates with Aerodyn Energy System in Germany.

Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer
Wind turbine of manufacturer Suzlon in India: Suzlon builds wind farms, especially in Asia, North America and Brazil. Photo: Suzlon

Customers are overwhelmingly the State Chinese power producers. Ming Yang has a world market share of around four percent (4%).

(7) United Power (

A Chinese State company has a world market share of four percent. The company belongs to a Chinese State company, China Guodian, dealing heavily in addition to power generation with relevant research especially with regard to wind energy.

There are long-standing technical contacts to the German company Aerodyn Energiesystem, similar in Ming Yang Wind power.

(6) Suzlon (

India’s suffer for enormous lack of power. Vast tracts of the country are totally without power supply. This is the main reason why the Indian Government strongly promotes the production of wind turbines and the construction of wind farms. Suzlon is by far the largest Indian turbine producer with a world market share of four to five percent. The company, a large machine-building industry has evolved in India largely depends on the wind energy.

(5) Enercon (

Before the rapid growth began at Siemens, Enercon was the leader among the German wind turbine manufacturers for many years. The company based in Aurich, operates in many European countries also overseas with production facilities. Over the currently most powerful wind turbine is no better then model E126.

Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer
Enercon wind turbines by Sir Norman Foster. (fully patented) Photo: Enercon

Indicator for the Enercon turbines is the gearless design. Enercon has let some cost even the outer shape of the nacelles. Design comes from the British Star architect Norman Foster (Patented), Enercon had long time strong differences with the American competitors of GE Energy. That temporarily greatly handicapped the American business. In the meantime, differences are settled. World market share is around seven percent.

(4) GE Energy (

The U.S. company known as American General Electric group has a world market share of between eight and nine percent. GE Energy especially on the extensive British wind power market works essentially in Europe.

Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer
Wind park Fintinele with systems from General Electric in Romania: the Americans are world ranked 4. Photo: GE Energy

(3) Gold Wind (

With a world market share of about 9 percent, the State-owned enterprises is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in China. In foreign trade, gold wind focuses particularly on the United States.

(2) Vestas (

The Danish company was born as merger from Siemens and Gamesa world market leader with a market share of around 11 percent. Though Vestas has been growing vigorously despite some setbacks over the years and employs 17,000 worldwide employees.

V112 installation, Macarthur Windfarm, Australia
V112 installation, Macarthur Windfarm, Australia

Its own market share has fallen continuously because there is more and more new entrants. Yet in 2007, the Danish Mechanical Engineer had a world market share of about 28 percent.

(1) Siemens / Gamesa (

Siemens of Germany and Gamesa, the largest Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, currently join together and move it to the top of the world rankings. Siemens has a turbine world market share of 9.5 percent, Gamesa 4.5 percent. Together, after all, are 14 percent and thus more than the previous leader of Vestas.

Siemens Clyde Extension project
Siemens together with Gamesa, the Spanish wind turbine manufacturers, rises to the global no. 1: to see In the picture is gearless Siemens plants in the onshore wind power station Clyde in Scotland.
Photo: Siemens

The market position of Siemens / Gamesa will further improve, because just the Danish Dong Energy for their wind park Hornsea one the British North Sea coast prior to 174 Siemens turbines of 1,2 GW class has ordered, that should be all of them installed by 2020. Hornsea one is to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm for some years to come.