TOP 6 amazing 3D printed objects

3D printing inspires the imagination of engineers: Meanwhile, dentures, bridges, can be make instruments and entire houses. These are 6 of the most amazing products.

TOP 6 amazing 3D printed objects in order by complicity in design

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects
TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects

1. Exhaust manifold for the exhaust system of the Airbus A400M military transporter

Airbus has discovered the 3D printing for the construction of the aircraft: the European aircraft maker has produced, for example, a complicated shaped manifold for the exhaust system of the A400M military transporter with the 3D printer. Over 1000 components in the 3D printers into the Interior of the A350 airliner. In the future a printer comes in the Bremen facility also used, which can produce up to 2 m long components.

Printed Plane Parts
A400M in the approach: Airbus can be created by a complicated shaped manifold of the engine with the 3D printer.

2. a 700-horsepower sports car named blade

In the summer of 2015, Kevin Czinger shook up the automotive world. The Californian has developed blade, in a 700-horsepower sports car. He produces the most important components of the chassis with aluminum powder in the 3D printer.

The car weighs only 635 kg, but brings some power on the road: accelerated in only 2.2 s blade to 100 km/h so far he is a prototype. Czinger has carried out but to establish in the future 10,000 copies a year.

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects
Sports car blade: a 3D printer has made parts of the chassis with aluminium powder.

3. Buggy called STRATI

Local motors from Phoenix, Arizona has to also not take it to make a car with the 3D printer. A room-great 3D printer of manufacturer’s Cincinnati Inc. prints 40 items of the buggy in 44 hours – as ink he uses a polymer reinforced with carbon.

Only the electric motor, battery and tires come from conventional production. The vehicle goes by the name strati and is currently in preparation for mass production.

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects
The first working car comming from the 3D printer is strati. However, components such as motor, battery and tires come from conventional manufacturing.

4. 3D printed elements for Bicycle frames 

Also in the bicycle industry, engineers with the new manufacturing process ensures Vortex: the Italian designer Office Eurocompositi prints, for example, the bicycle frame Aenimal Bhulk. It consists of poly lactic acid – a product by microorganisms that feed on sugar cane or grain-derived strength. Result is an environmentally friendly bicycle frames, which you can recycle or rot on the compost heap.

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects 5
At the EUROBIKE 2015 the company Eurocompositi had success: the biodegradable bike frame received the Gold Medal of the EUROBIKE award 2015.

5. Leg prosthesis for the handicapped dog “Derby”

Also the fate of Derby is entered into in the history of 3D printing: the Husky from the United States came with deformed front paws on the world in 2013 and could move forward is hardly. Until the company 3D-Systems the idea came to create a prosthetic with the 3D printer.

Prosthesis specialists covered the front legs with a 3D scanner and designed the perfect prosthesis on the computer. After the pressure in the 3D ProJet 5500 X started for Derby a new life: the Husky daily jogs 5 km with his new prosthesis.

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects 6
Dog Derby was born with deformed front paws. He can now almost forgot running – thanks to his dentures out of the 3D printer, with whom he travels every day several kilometers.

6. 3d-Printed Steel bridge in Amsterdam

On list of TOP 6 amazing 3D printed objects whole bridge is most interesting. This is possible, as the Dutch Designer Joris Laarman wants to prove. 2017, two robots of type MX3D to build a steel bridge over a canal in Amsterdam with 3D printers. You work in from both sides, by their nozzles quasi draw 1500 ° C hot liquid metal into the air. On the resulting design the robots move forward, until the steel arches, finally meet.

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects
The bridge over a canal in Amsterdam could look like: the robot is on the design and manufactures the next steel elements.

Special Attention: MANSION FOR $161.000

In China, MA Yihe engineer has developed a huge 3D printers. It is 6.6 m high, 10 m wide, 40 m long and can feed themselves with digital plans. Then he uses a concrete pump, to house walls layer for layer of concrete with sand mixed to, rubble and glass to build. It automatically saves out openings for Windows, doors, as well as water and sewage pipes. With its help one originated in China 1100 m2 large luxury villa for $161.000. The cost is up to 80% lower than the normal engineering according to the developer.

TOP 10 amazing 3D printed objects - 3d printed house
This 1100-square-metre Villa consists of components from the 3D printer. Cost: 161,000 US dollars.