TOP 10 Best Countries to Emigrate As An Architect

In both Europe and the United States, the global economic and financial crisis has hit the sectors of construction and architecture, but the biggest losers in this are undoubtedly young architects and recent graduates, who encounters a bleak picture and status is that of a labor market that they are forbidden, which is practically impossible to enter.

TOP 10 Best Countries to Emigrate As An Architect

China Central Television CCTV
China Central Television CCTV

Architects rank #7 in Best Engineering Jobs. Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors such as salary, job market, future growth, stress and work life balance.┬áThe BLS reports the median annual wage for architects was $74,520 in 2014. “The best-paid 10 percent in the profession made approximately $121,910, while the bottom 10 percent made about $44,940. The metropolitan areas of Lancaster, Pennsylvania; San Francisco; and Atlanta, Georgia pay their architects the best.”

Unemployment in the profession of architect exceeds 40% average and is much higher in the range 25-35 years, probably reaching heights of 80% of unemployed architects. This does raise serious option to migrate as an architect. If you are considering to travel you have to analyze well your destination, the sooner the better. Once you have chosen your destination will have to carry out the second stage of preparation very important, which will be critical when it comes to succeeding in this difficult undertaking.

When choosing the destination you should consider many things such as language, salaries, distance from destination countries demanding architects, difficulties with visas, state of construction, cost of living, culture, possibility of contact …┬áPick one that, after analyzing all the factors, is more favorable to your abilities and needs. Once the decision is made, what are the best countries to emigrate as an architect?


10. Malaysia

Another Asian country that is growing rapidly is Malaysia. It’s official language is English and the construction sector is booming, especially in the capital Kuala Lumpur. An exotic destination with great job opportunities.


9. Canada
Canada is certainly a very attractive destination for architects. There is demand and the construction sector there is in good health, yet it is a country that is difficult to get the work licence, you have to have an exceptional curriculum.


8. Chile

Chile can be a good destination for emigration as an architect but the main disadvantages are the low wages and the massive arrival of Spaniards who are saturating the labor market saturated.


7. Australia

Australia appears to have excellent opportunities in just a few cities. One reader commented that Melbourne is very slow, but Brisbane and Perth are growing. Another fan said he worked in Australia, and said that even though the pay is good, it is very difficult to obtain a permanent work licence.


6. Qatar and United Arab Emirates

For their continued growth, they need professionals in the construction and industrial sectors mainly engineers, architects, electrical technicians and mechanics.

Qatar and United Arab Emirates

5. Panama

With the recent construction boom that has generated a great demand for architects in this country, its decent wages, and culture of good design, Panama becomes an excellent option for these professionals.


4. Norway

Norway can boast of explosive growth, low unemployment and high wages. If we add the high level of English, it seems to be a perfect opportunity for a young architect to get a job and earn money.


3. Switzerland

We will not cheat, work in Switzerland as an architect is not easy. However it is one of the best destinations for an architect. The quality of modern architecture with high wages make it a perfect place for an architect. You need a good German/French though. You can find more information about migrating as an architect in Switzerland here.


2. India

It is one of the countries with the highest demand for highly skilled foreign professionals and among them, of course, the architects. In addition, India has the advantage that one of the official languages is English. Many studies place it as one of the major international powers in the next twenty years, all of which makes it an attractive destination to try.


1. China

China is full of opportunities and architectural challenges, which is growing at an exponential rate place, though some readers point out that the design quality varies from company to company and that language barriers can make work difficult and interactions. However, Shanghai and Hong Kong are suggested as the best bets. Please, try to take with some sustainable ideas and to implement it.

China Central Television CCTV
China Central Television CCTV

Having decided the fate, we recommend that you prepare very well the way for the landing as soft and comfortable as possible. We hope this article has helped you and if you liked, share and we can help more architects who, like you, are about to pack in search of a better life.