Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume

Prototypes and studies of Japanese car makers have it: Wilson, unusual and testify to the fact that their designers had really free hand. On October 28, when the Tokyo show 2015, start engine, the studies are back to crowd-puller.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume
Looks pretty rustic, but thats hi-tech! In Toyota Kikai motor, axles and springs are open. The driver’s seat is placed in the middle.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume – Challenge for AutoMakers during Biggest Asian Show

As the Frankfurt Motor Show held every two years Tokyo Motor Show is the most important motor show in Japan and will take place this year for the 44th time: 160 exhibitors from eleven countries present 76 world premieres from 28 October to 8 November. Japan will have more than 900,000 expected visitors. These five exhibits be sure lure out most of the Oooohs and Aaaahs.

Toyota FCV plus

Toyota presented at the Tokyo Motor Show a compact version of his now production-ready fuel cell cars Mirai: the only 3.80 m long four-seater FCV plus. A fuel cell between the front wheels can be fueled hydrogen react with oxygen from the ambient air. The exothermic reaction creates water and energy for the four electric wheel hub motors.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume
The Toyota FCV plus: driving the concept vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell that generates electricity for four wheel hub motors.

The great environmental advantage: Dripping from the exhaust only harmless water vapor. Although if the FCV plus serial implementation specific only to a study without. But Toyota plans to use any parts of the technology in the next generation of fuel cell cars.

Mitsubishi eX

The compact SUV study shows Mitsubishi eX: the mustard-yellow electric car has a 140 kW strong electric motor (190 HP) under the hood, which aims to create a range of 400 km on one charge. One of the highlights is the so-called augmented reality windshield that displays information in the field of vision – for example, warnings of the lane or instructions of the navigation system.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume
The Mitsubishi eX: highlights include an augmented reality windshield and high-definition cameras as an alternative to classic rear-view mirrors.

There’s no classic rearview mirror. Instead two high-resolution cameras providing images for display in the Interior. Small downside: just like the Toyota FCV plus stands as soon as no production eX of the Mitsubishi.

Toyota Kikai

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume
Pretty rustic is the Toyota Kikai: motor, axles and springs are open. The driver’s seat is placed in the middle.

In all high-tech engine you need at the Tokyo show also a rustic counterweight. This is ensured by Toyota with the Kikai – a concept car with a 1.5 l engine, open working in the rear. Also open are the axles and springs. A powerful sight.

Just as unusual: The driver’s seat is placed in the Middle, behind it there is space for two more passengers. You can watch comfortably from the curved panoramic Windows or on their feet take a look. You are on discs, which allows a look at the working steering.

Honda Hiking stand concept

Honda Wander Stand Concept
Very unusual and very practical: Walking the wheel of the Honda stand concept can so extremely steered himself, turns the mini car on the spot.

Honda will amaze visitors with a concept car: with the Honda Walker stand. This is a tiny electric car that is even smaller than a smart and visually bears similarity to a yogurt Cup. Two passengers can take inside of the mini car seat that is apparently focused on pure minimalism.

There are few buttons and switches, for it but just like at the Mitsubishi eX an augmented reality display that projects the information of the Board system on the windshield. Oh yes: The wheels let turn is so extreme, that the vehicle turns more or less on the spot.

Mercedes vision Tokyo

Mercedes makes it exciting: before the start of the Tokyo Motor Show, the car manufacturer has a first tea image published of the Mercedes vision Tokyo. It shows a long van body with flat windscreen, which could be a development of the self-propelled concept vehicle F 015 luxury.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Exhibition Resume____
Tea image by Mercedes: shows the automakers on the Tokyo Motor Show a self-propelled van?

A large side door almost spans the entire width of the vehicle, the rear side Windows are hidden. It is therefore puzzling, also, whether the new concept car has a similar experience Center like in the F 015. In the course of the week, Mercedes will announce more about the vehicle.