Tokyo building 1600 m high skyscraper

We write the year 2045. And live in the sea. On the top floor of a building, is the 1.6 km away from the ground floor. How fantastic is that? Quite conceivable, yes planned, such as the designs for the project “Next Tokyo” show for architects.

Rising sea level, growing mega-cities, environmental sustainability: These are topics that will be more and more dealing with urban planner. The vision that the two architects Kohn Pederson Fox and Leslie E. Robertson have developed for the Bay of Tokyo, to solve these problems. In the Center stands a gigantic skyscraper with an altitude of 1600 m.

Tokyo building 1600 m high skyscraper
The district in the sea to protect the mega city of Tokyo, also against the wind and waves. Still, the project of Tokyo 2045 is a vision. No one speaks of the construction so far. But the necessary technologies will be further researched.
Photo: Kohn Pederson Fox

There are no quick solutions to concrete problems, which come to in the next 30 years not only on Tokyo. In this sense, the architectural team has implemented the major challenges in large plans.

Hexagonal ring structures form the basis of new district with 1600 Tokyo skyscraper.

And there are plenty of challenges in Tokyo. The city with a population of over 9 million is considered part of the world’s largest contiguous urban area and is at the same time in one of the most active earthquake zones in the world. In addition the risk of typhoons and rising sea levels that are problematic for the flat coastal areas around Tokyo Bay.

Tokyo building 1600 m high skyscraper-2Tokyo building 1600 m high skyscraper-2
In the center of next Tokyo the mega skyscraper is sky mile Tower. 1600 m high, the tower would be twice as high as the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Shopping, hotels, libraries, hospitals and what else is needed on infrastructure, are intended for a total 55,000 residents. Photo: Kohn Pederson Fox

Have the architects appropriately in the Bay, locates their vision of a new district in Tokyo on 14 km wide authority. There, a series of hexagonal ring structures is to be built with a diameter between 150 and 1500 m. They have very different functions. They may present as the cultivation of algae for the production of fuel and fresh water reservoirs are used.

They offer space for recreation areas with beaches and low buildings.

They are supposed to work as a breakwater and could be connected to a storm surge. Otherwise, the passage for marine traffic would remain free. A tunnel system connecting the two coasts simplify the way for commuters.

Twice as high as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

With all the Islands the new urban area in the Bay 12.5 square kilometers in size, will have about one-quarter as gained land area. The mega skyscraper is sky mile tower at the Center of this next Tokyo. With a height of 1600 m, so a mile, the residential tower would be twice as high as the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Of course shopping, hotels, libraries, hospitals and what else is needed on infrastructure, are intended for a total 55,000 residents. For the fresh water supply the height of the tower to exploit in this respect, that the moisture from the surrounding clouds on the facade is captured and distributed mainly by gravity.

Burj Khalifa-1
World Tallest Towers for 2016

The form of the mega skyscraper is based on a hexagonal ground plan and consists of several, each three-part structure. These support structures are built and vary in height between 60 and 90 floors, creating a delicate-looking building with regular holes instead of a closed building. All 320 m the necessary connection is made over several floors with central squares and the connections of the elevators and stairwells.

Wind is more dangerous for the buildings as earthquake

This structure was significantly influenced by the design requirements, arising from the forces of the wind. Although the giant Tower in one of the most seismically active areas of the world is to be built, the wind forces side acting on the building, were still stronger than the potential ground.