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Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade

Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade have not significantly changed in the past decades. That should change abruptly. The British inventor of Garry Stewart replaced the old, unsightly quickly bristles with a modern, better silicone construction, which at the same time allegedly kills 99.9% of all bacteria.

Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade

That the ancient invention as “Bacteria magnet” now a total renewal will notably toilet brush, you can probably many people breathe easier. Inventor Garry Stewart has patented finally so-called ‘ SwipeClean ‘ technology.

Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade

Striking change is the abandonment of the old bristles.

Instead, there is now a kind of twisted roller, which has to meet the cleaning of the toilet brush. New roller is made from eight leaves twisted into itself. They are similar to that attached to the stem with a turbine all of them in the middle and work on each revolution of the rollers like, what considerably improves the cleaning effect of the toilet compared to the bristles.

Flexible but durable material for the roller

The new “SwipeClean” is much more flexible than the rigid bristle carriers. At the same time she should keep but also much longer than their Bristly ancestors.

Flexibility as durability go back especially on the choice of material. These are silicone elastomers. Another positive side effect of the new material: Nothing out of the toilet stays on the roller.

Demand for detergents will decline significantly

Due due to the significantly improved effect of the toilet brush, it is expected that with far fewer disinfection and cleaning products for your home or company toilets, users come from. In connection therewith, also the need for water, associated with the use of cleaning and disinfecting agents, to go back significantly.

Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade 1

However, Garry Stewart’s team recommends to wash out the new “SwipeClean” toilet brush with hot water once per month.

Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade 2Start of production in this year

After the development work for “SwipeClean” is completed and in the Stewart team also clarity about the distribution channels, will start in December with the production.

Toilet brushes revolution by LooBlade 4

Funding is now via the platform kick starter as well as sure: already more than 18,000 have been reached by the targeted 20,000 pounds. And the Crowdfunding campaign runs until November 5. Who wants to secure one of the new “SwipeClean” brushes, must pay about €31.