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Tips for the proper salutation in the workplace, lets try to be more official

Her boss that “You” offers, but not comfortable feel with that in mind. How should you respond? You have a choice at all? And how it looks, when a colleague expressed this wish? Here are tips for the proper salutation in the workplace.

Tips for proper salutation in workplace

If someone in the job want to switch, is important to note it especially a rule: set higher in the hierarchy that “You” offers. By way of derogation from the privacy, the age it does not matter. So even if you have known Junior Chef as a child’s is up to him to make the proposal. And it should be adopted by you. Even if this is associated with abdominal pain. A rejection would be an affront, which would only hurt you.

Even if the¬†company boss wide rules that, there are also employment little chance to fight back against it. With colleagues in the same professional position in turn: the elder that suggests “You”. What should be considered at the informal General:

1. Always the consent request

Never address informally a colleague. Violation of the etiquette. And if this happens to you, it is your right to appeal. The best, by you itself consistently in the “You” stay. At some point, it will be too embarrassing to your counterpart to address informally you hear against your will.

2. Surname have to remain known

Especially in larger companies you should know always the complete name of the colleague. Telephone requests from the outside, it makes “Max” from the Developer Division or “Simone” to connect a good impression from the sales. Also otherwise applies: customers the formal forms of address does still look more serious than “You”.

3. Non-binding offer

They offer the colleagues that to loose “You”. Please suggest him loose to take also a rejection. Just more insecure people tend to prefer to maintain a certain distance.

A rejection are almost certainly not directed against you, but serves its own protection. Add your bid is therefore at best a small addition: “I would be pleased if we us’d – address informally but if you prefer at the you is wishing that remain for me completely in order.”

4. Be careful when changing the job

You make a fresh start in a company and are used that they are each among colleagues, even the Chief of your old job. You do not otherwise know it. And yet you must be drawn to other forms of treatment.

Tips for salutation in workplace

Carefully extend your sensor. Address informally located in the new company really all colleagues? Even if politely ask whether this also for newcomers is desired. Address superiors, informally in no case unless you are specifically prompted. As a general rule: the informal offer comes from those who are already in the company longer.

5. In the Office are other rules than on the football field

Together fought, sweated, showered whether in soccer, jogging or tennis court: at the sport with colleagues that is you quickly on the lips. Nevertheless: It only applies to first sport. In the Office, it remains in the you. That “You” must be negotiated separately at the workplace. Especially if the boss was in the game.

6. Once you always you

An informal offer is actually for life. Therefore you should think about already it, it offers to whom. A reunion can take place well after several years and job changes among other roles.

Asking, whether it in the you remains professionals do not have to. A note, how do you know is enough. And yet: If your counterpart may no longer remember to you, maybe “you forget” that “You” then better.

7. We search for “You” and “You”, otherwise you are lost

Increasingly it appears already at jobs “You”. Companies want to attract so targeted young people and probably the informal you also belongs to the corporate culture. It is then right in the application letter to respond with “You’re looking…”

Safe goes but who just calls and inquires what speech is desired. Rarely, the ad’s text comes from the person who then also take a look at the applications. Perhaps, the Chief of staff is even just do not like this approach. And waste the chance that it could be even as far as…