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The railway in the copper mine of Cuajone in Peru will be retired soon becaouse of  ThyssenKrupp and Siemens. In News it is replacedby the world’s largest Crusher band builded by ThyssenKrupp and Siemens. Every daynwill transport 120,000 tonnes of crushed ore over a distance of 7.5 km.

That is a huge debris with a monstrous name: ThyssenKrupp industrial solutions,the plant building specialist of the ThyssenKrupp Group, builds the world’slargest Crusher band together with Siemens for the Peruvian copper mine ofCuajone of American mountain building company southern Peru CopperCorporation (SCC) in the South of the country in the Tacna region.

Where is the monstrous name program: the giant equipment is installed at theCuajone copper mine in the future via band processing to carry to the copper ore crushed in the crusher of the vast mine, where the chaff is separated fromthe wheat. Today, the copper ore with a railway there is transported. The newCrusher band should record their operation in 2016.

ThyssenKrupp and Siemens News. Removing 120,000 tonnes of crushed ore per day in Peruvian Mountains.

“With the new system both operating costs and energy consumption as also theemissions will be significantly reduced”, says Christof Brewka, head of theoperating unit mining, ThyssenKrupp industrial solutions. “This is a goodexample of our leading, bespoke solutions for the mining industry, whichprovide added value for our customers and at the same time to conserve thenatural resources.”

With optimally matched, high-performance drive components, Siemens provides a powerful and reliable transport of bulk material - even in harsh environmental conditions.
With optimally matched, high-performance drive components, Siemens provides a powerful and reliable transport of bulk material – even in harsh environmental conditions.
Given the gigantic capacity, the warm words about the conservation of naturalresources by 120,000 tonnes of crushed copper ore per day, which will transportthe band crusher, testifies a certain irony freedom of ThyssenKrupp man.

Dump trucks with payload of 360 t.

This is the planned plant of impressive and a good example of technology from Germany, that inspires. The system will consist of multiple, interlocking systems.The copper ore is brought out of the mine is directly fed to a semi-mobilecrushing plant, which is located in the middle of the mine. A nonterminatedstream of dump trucks with a payload of up to 360 t gives the coveted ground treasure.

There is already the gyratory type 63/114 with 1,200 kW direct drive, whichcrushed the ore to the required size. In ThyssenKrupp and Siemens News. The service and operating areas of theplant, including the electronic infrastructure, are completely separated andarranged independently of the unloading area of the dump truck. This reducesthe vibration, dust, and noise level.

The crushed ore from the gyratory to two parent country conveyor that bridge a distance of 7.5 km over land until the Groberzhalde leads a removal tape of 400 m in length. The first of this excess land conveyor is powered with kW equal to two direct drives from Siemens with each 6000. The band is 1.83 m wide and runs at a speed of 6.2 m/s, which corresponds to a trained cyclists speed of 22.3 km/h.

As ThyssenKrupp and Siemens replace the railroad with a band
The ThyssenKrupp conveyor in the Peruvian copper mines from Xstrata receives a gearless drive system from Siemens. Similar to the crusher conveyor might look, which will now be built at the Cuajone copper mine in southern of Peru.

ThyssenKrupp and Siemens platform has 99% system availability

The Siemens conveyor drives for the excess land conveyors are the world’s largest of its kind. The integrated drive technology from Siemens, integrated drive system (IDW) as guaranteed 99% system availability. It has a reason: many wear components of traditional conveyor drives – like reducers, couplings, gearbox and engine mounts – accounts for the IDW system. In ThyssenKrupp and Siemens News. This reduces the maintenance times associated with such components and costs.

Gearless drive systems are not an invention of modern times. In news 30 years ago, the partnership ThyssenKrupp and Siemens have employed such a gearless drive system in the coal mine prosper Haniel in Bottrop in Germany.