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This weekend: See the biggest meteor shower (EU)

This phenomenon is not to be missed, so you might want to book a free moment, go to the urban area to sit back and look up to the sky. Although the main part of the phenomenon will last only a few minutes, but almost all night you will be able to enjoy the smaller and larger meteors.

Shooting stars, which is the Perseids, is nothing but the material ejected from the Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, which in 1992 flew next to the Sun. Fine dust and stones the size of not more than a few inches, with an enormous speed fall from space the atmosphere of our Blue Planet.

The moment their getting burned in the atmosphere is the most exciting. The same phenomenon looks as if from outer space were falling rain droplets of fire that will leave behind traces.

99.9 percent Perseids does not reach the Earth’s surface, however, it may happen that somewhere larger body fails to burn completely in the atmosphere and hits the ground.

Perseids can be observed each year at about the same time, i.e. from mid-July nearly to the end of August, with the greatest intensity of between 10 and 14 August. This time we expect the largest “rain of meteors” for 7 years, unless of course the forecast computer models.

Apogee of the phenomenon will occur on the night of Thursday to Friday (11/12.08) between 22:30 and 4:00 in the morning. You only need to look at quite high above the Northeast horizon. You have to be patient, because the time to see meteor need to look up to the sky for a few minutes, almost winking eyes. Should we help the following map of the sky.

It is best to watch lying on a blanket on his back staring at the sky. To get used the eye to darkness heaven, it takes approximately 45 minutes. In enjoying the spectacle should not disturb us Moonlight, that will be after the slang and you in the vicinity of the North.

This year’s spectacle of easy observations will not be because of the weather, and this will be capricious. On the best conditions for observation can count the inhabitants of the southern and Eastern regions, especially the South-East, where the sky generally will be free of clouds.

However, there is one but, and this is the temperature that the serene sky will fall up to 5 degrees, and at the ground again. From observations at the end of the thread will probably not terrible is us bone chill to the bone. Sometimes, in order to be able to terminate the request, you have to dig.