This scarf makes you invisible on Flash photos

Why the star of the European Football Championship in France is so invisible on photos? Well here comes Hi-Tech, nano-crystals and a bit of design.

Squatting in the bushes, jump out behind trash cans, and race after cars: paparazzi. Generations of Superstars of film, music and sports did around with the audacious press photographers, against which no remedy seems have grown. Also Saif Siddiqui is one of the afflicted. But the former professional footballer, now brand specialist, has the solution: Ishu scarf, which protects VIPs from flashbulbs.

Jérôme Boateng with a scarf: the new scarf for celebrities is equipped with nano-particles, which reflect a flash light so strongly that the face becomes invisible. Thus celebrities can move at night once privately, without that her trip is shown the next day in the newspaper. Photo: Theishu.com

Nano-crystals in ISHU scarf reflect flash light

The principle of the scarf is simple: Nano-crystals are incorporated into the material that reflect light into the cameras. In the photos it appears scarf then glistening bright face of celebrities into black. The photo is unusable for paparazzi.

Cameron Diaz wearing the scarf
The actress Cameron Diaz wearing the scarf during the day at the airport. Since the material however is useless. A photographer used no Flash, it remains ineffective scarf with his nano-particles. Photo: Theishu.com

And that should cause Ishu. “So people should regain control over, what is posted online by them”, the eponymous manufacturer writes on his Web site. The idea, chance brought by the way Siddiqui. The inventor had photographed friends and later noted that the reflector of a bicycle in the background had defaced the faces.

Cameron Diaz, Jérôme Boateng and Paris Hilton are convinced

In the world of the stars the paparazzi scarf seems to arrive. Stars such as Jérôme Boateng, Defense Chief of the German national team, the actress Cameron Diaz, rapper DMX and hotel heiress Paris Hilton are among the winners.

reflective nanoparticles
The new scarf is equipped with reflective nanoparticles. Photo: Theishu.com

The VIPs are protected but only if the photographer used a flash light. Without Flash is to detect the face and the scarf looks like a fashion accessory. Siddiqui is aware of this: “I’m not saying that one is ever untouchable, but the Ishu is definitely a step in the right direction, in order to strengthen the control over our privacy and our online image.”

For the protection of privacy, the celebs attack deep in the Pocket. He scarf costs 289 pound (€345). For all annoyed stars who don’t want to wear scarf, Siddiqui has in store then an alternative: a Smartphone case with nanocrystals, which goes for just under €70 over the counter. The case also blacks face when the flashbulbs.