This Pedelec Folds in Just a Second – already 475,000 on KickStart

It can go pretty fast and easyly carried with 17 kg. Can join via Smartphone and simply looks great. But his biggest talent shows the GI FlyBike standing up. It folds in just a second. On Kickstarter, the GI FlyBike was a hit.

Ultra cool is already the slogan: “so quickly can clap like a cat” is the promotional video on the Web presence of GI FlyBike. In it you can see clap a cat standing on the hind feet. The wiring diagram shows how a bike is folded. And indeed, the smart Pedelec is folded in just a second. Can just as quickly, clapping like a cat.

This Pedelec Folds in Just a Second - already 475,000 on KickStart
The foldable Pedelec GI FlyBike against the backdrop of Barcelona: The Kickstarter project has collected enough capital, the bike will be built in the next year.

Support up to 25 km/h

The GI FlyBike is a full 26-inch E-bike, and as for Pedelecs usual pedal-assist of electric motor ranges up to 25 km/h. Made is the bicycle made of aircraft aluminum and weighs only 17 kg. In comparison, conventional Pedelecs weigh in cut 25 kg. The electric folding bike so well on the train can be handle as a lightweight.

electric pedelec
The bike intermodal breaks all records in terms of compactness: it can be folded easily in a Briefcase placed.

The idea came to this wheel three Argentines Luca Toledo, Augustin Augustinoy, and Eric Sevilla, after a nationwide strike had shut down the entire public transport. “Traditional wheel design in all aspects to question fully satisfy mobility needs in urban”, calls the inventor trio their goal. The GI FlyBike impresses by a whisper-quiet, clean tooth belt drive with a battery which is still expandable with a range of up to 60 km. The Pedelec with a 250-Watt brushless motor from Kekem is equipped.

Fully networked wheel

The GI FlyBike is fully networked. Control Center is the specially developed FlyBike app. The handlebar position the GI FlyBike can be with the Smartphone Sync, that is so to the navigation system. On request, it provides IOS or Android app the most efficient or even family-friendly infrastructure.

This Pedelec Folds in Just a Second - already 475,000 on KickStart
Looks good and is very easy for a Pedelec with 17 kg: the electric folding bike GI FlyBike.

Of course the battery can refresh the charge of the Smartphone when this weakens once on the road. The app is responsible also for the highly efficient LEDs light control.

Wheel completes itself

The  young entrepreneurs thought of Pedelecs in the design of everything. So the GI FlyBike with a smart locking system is fitted, which automatically closes the E-bike, once the driver more than five metres. Especially smart: The owner of Pedelecs can provide a unique unlock code your friends or family members, so that they also have access to the E-bike.

The three inventors in the black have taken with the idea of the GI FlyBikes. In just five hours, they had on their campaign to kick start the target capital of $75,000 achieved. On Wednesday, when the campaign to end, 427.000 were $ collected – enough to build the folding bike.

This Pedelec Folds in Just a Second - already 475,000 on KickStart_
The GI FlyBike consists of 107 items.

Meanwhile, the developers have found the Chinese Yadea technology group as a partner who will be responsible for the production of the Smart E-bikes. The Chinese company is one of the world’s leading producers and distributors of E-bikes and E-scooters. “Yadea absolutely conforms to our standards of quality and technological expertise and has always again proved leading in the field of E-mobility,” says Lucas Toledo.

GI FlyBike costs around $2300

The smart folding Pedelec costs around $2300, plus transport and value added tax. The GI FlyBike is expected to start sales in June 2016.

This Pedelec Folds in Just a Second - already 475,000 on KickStart--
A short handle is enough: within a second the GI FlyBike from Argentina is folded up.

However, the GI FlyBike is not the only folding bike with electric drive. An EU project has developed a folding bike, which is even lighter and even smaller. The electric motor can be retrofitted. On folding bikes sets now also smart: for users of the car sharing project Car2go will take you there faster.