This Lexus is Rolling on ICE wheels

London based artist have made almost completely functional wheels for Lexus ice. The previously frozen car was even a stretch of road with blue glowing tires.

Now, the London artist troupe “Hamilton Sculptors” hired Toyota’s luxury subsidiary for a new optical highlight is specialized for decades to show effects of ice.

Three months was planned and fiddled, then the ice sculptor on the basis of laser scan had finished the complete wheels made of ice. Not entirely made of ice, they had to admit that without inlays made from acrylic the wheels had not withstood the weight of the Lexus NX almost two tons.

36 hours of work per wheel

Integrated in the ice were also led, as one-time ride over a blocked road in London the wheels shine left at the so spectacular. So that the ice was clear and transparent, took advantage of the sculptor especially soft water from a particular source of flowing. Then they made the wheels of two halves and cut even the tread. 36 hours of work per cycle were necessary for this.

This Lexus is Rolling on ICE wheels
Even the profile was cut into the wheels made of ice. To increase the stability of the ice wheels have acrylic deposits. Photo: Lexus

Finally mounted the ice specialists the wheels carefully on the car, the previously five days at minus 30 ° C frozen had been. According to Lexus, which was necessary, so that the wheels don’t melt – but also the dramatic effect of the ice-covered car was probably deliberate.

The world’s most famous ice sculptor

Any technical purpose is not behind the action. As already the origami car to the “Lexus on ice” the special individuality and attention to detail on the models of the car manufacturer emphasize

With the Hamilton sculptors, the company has brought the most famous ice sculptor in the world in the workshop. Whose client list ranging anyway, from Steven Spielberg to Coca Cola to Prince Charles – and also his mother. The artists but also embellish a birthday or wedding. The prices are that individual, but there should be table figures wouldn’t melt from as little as £50 plus VAT.