This is the first victim of “PRISM”, NSA looses common Sense

New Zealander Tony Fullman as has just been confirmed is the first victim of the PRISM system used by the NSA to spy on people, the details of which revealed two years ago Edward Snowden.

Tony Fullman

Fullmana the NSA track in 2012, together with New Zealand gang cell of Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), because the Scouts thought that this man can plan a terrorist attack, but not confirmed. The NSA was able to capture not only email Fullmana, but also its communication on Facebook, and this information was forwarded to the GCSB.

The man, who was an activist in the campaign a Thumbs up for democracy struggling for democracy in Fiji (he came from this country), had such “attractions” as police raids on a House and bring passport and also overheard his phones and private messages.

Fullman says he feels betrayed by a country, the more that the NSA activities taken against him might have been completely illegal.

At this point we do not understand how PRISM could identify citizen from New Zealand as Islamic Activist. Lets hope engineers as NSA will fix damage they made. Responsibility of using this technology has to be controlled.

Edward Snowden
Photo: Edward Snowden

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