This House you can move, assemble or even store.

All four days, a team needs to build the shell of a modular single-family house. It should be particularly cheap and have passive house properties. When changing the job you just take the House.Just four days, four men need to build a House with a floor space of 150 square meters. They use a Cordless screwdriver as a single tool. Only muscle strength is also necessary. So promises Multipod Marseille architecture firm Studio via video.

This House you can move, assemble or even store
Pop up House: the pictured House is 150 square meters and was built in just four days by four people. Just as quickly it let to dismantle again. The idea came from the Marseille architects Multipod Studio. In the future the pop-up House throughout Europe should be to have. Photo: Multipod Studio

The body shop at a price of €700 per square meter is almost unbeatably cheap. Conventionally built he would cost around €800 Scout 24 after a calculation of real estate. This would be still thermal insulation and plaster.

Wood is the most important building material

Pop up house call pop ups the French their development, a reference to the often unloved who appear seconds on the screen and promote any product. The French take advantage of wood as a building material. Basically it is a timber-frame house. Beams are assembled according to the LEGO principle, filled with insulating panels on wooden base.

This House you can move, assemble or even store-4

A prototype is in the South of France.

Only in France has the pop-up House. Now, Multipod Europe wants to play in attack. The size of the living space should be freely selected. In the offer, also an office building on request has two floors. The material used to insulate so well that the House needs no conventional heating, so as a passive house can be called. Just the heat that the inhabitants produce 100 watts per person, and that the equipment, especially the cooling units. Only in exceptional cases, as the developer, have to be heated electrically.

Mystery of the Interior

If the shell is finished follows the Interior such as the installation of electricity and water pipes. To do this, the company offers solutions, does not reveal but these look like.

The Multipod Architects say that may keep it guess what stimulates a commentator to ask how long the material they use is very inexpensive. The developers say that it can take even a move. It could, be such as a job change, quite simply again disassembled, transported to a new site and installed there.