This high-tech bike has even horn and electronic transmission

Anti-theft system, electronic gear, on-board computer and Horn are more typical for a car. And why not for a bike? The Volata Bike offers all of these features on two wheels. What can the miracle of the wheel? We wanted to know.

It of just a bicycle, but offers high end features seen more cars: the Volata bike has a particularly powerful on-board computer, an anti theft GPS system and an electronic transmission. “I thought it might be possible to conceive that the in modern cars built technology brings us closer to a bike,” says the Italian auto engineer Marco Salvioli. With this aim he founded based startup Volata cycles with the bicycle designer Mattia de Santis today in San Francisco.

Light weight 10.6 kg

The Volata bike is conventionally pretty and puristic at the first glance. But the first impression is tremendously misleading. So boasts the Volata bike the drive with real finesse: the hub gear type Shimano Alfine 11 di2 has 11 corridors. And this course be replaced by an electronic.

The onboard computer of the violata bike is built into the stem. The computer with the thumb on the hand grips of the handlebar is controlled. Photo: Violata cycle

A clean and maintenance-free toothed belt drive to the rear wheel transmits the pedal force. Thanks to carbon fork and frame the Volata bike with his 28-inch wheels is an absolute light weight of only 10.6 kg.

Computer control via thumb pressure on the handlebars

Also the bar is not just a bar. A powerful computer with a 2.4-inch LCD TFT display with 65.000 colors is integrated into the stem. The really big for a bike computer and exemplary in the stem integrated display shows relevant driving data such as current speed the driver and put the set back on. Other bicycle computers can do it of course.

But the computer is obviously smart and connected with the driver’s Smartphone. About the synchronized Volata app, the computer knows the current weather.

Also is the computer navigation instructions, leads the bikers through town or across country, and measures while the driver’s heart rate. A message arrives on the Smartphone in your backpack, this will be shown on the display on the handlebars.

The onboard computer of the Volata bike
The onboard computer of the Volata bike provides the driver with a whole bunch of useful information. Mail that arrive on your Smartphone, are displayed on the relatively large screen. Photo: Volata cycles

The app also plays music. The computer with the thumb on the hand grips of the handlebar is controlled. This really is a perfect solution for cyclists, rather than to force them to fiddle around while driving on the small display.

Automatic lighting system is integrated in the frame

The holistic concept of security is particularly noteworthy. So, the high-tech wheel next to a horn hard to heard over has two very bright front LED units. They illuminate the action on the street with more than 300 lumens.

A part of the light is also on the front wheels, so that a side-on visibility. The taillight consists of seven bright red in the context of integrated LEDs, so that the driver even from afar is clearly visible.

So the driver can concentrate on the road, the Volata bike turns on the light automatically when it dawns. The lighting system is powered by a hub Dynamo.
Motion sensors protect against thieves

The safety concept mainly because of working with motion sensors, GPS-based anti-theft protection system is holistic. This alerts the owner if the bike is moved without authorization.

Via the integrated GPS transmitter, the unit can be used to query the status of the bike and locates the whereabouts of the wheel. The energy refers to this system by a battery installed in the frame, which is loaded from the hub Dynamo light system while driving.

Within certain limits, the Volata Bike is even configurable: the frame is ice-white moon-grey available in four sizes and colors and can be selected from three variants of saddle. Enough of praise: the Volata bike is also not a bargain with around 4,000 euros including tax and shipping. And long will fans have to wait for the technical piece of jewelry? In the June 2017, it should come in the trade.