This military drone can fly, swim and dive in salt water

An underwater drone? This is really something new in the booming market of the drones. And could arouse the interest of the United States Army. Because the unusual device called Cracuns was developed by the applied physics laboratory (APL) from Johns Hopkins University. Works for the Department of Defense and NASA. This drone can fly, swim and dive

Before the invention was presented, the underwater drone had to undergo a hardness test: for two months the unit was popped off in salty water. It held in the tank what is the researchers he had promised. No corrosion damage is apparent even after such a long time.

The drone is waterproof with no stabilizing metal structure

Also, the small unmanned flying object (UAV) copes with water pressure, even though there is no stabilizing metal structure inside. The light drone endures even the water pressure which prevails at a depth of 700 feet (more than 200 m). For this pressure Chamber was built with the 3D printer, that protects the components of the drone.

Cracuns in the tank: the drone was subjected to a two-month salt water test. There was no corrosion damage. Photo: JHU Applied Physics Laboratory

Cracuns (corrosion resistant aerial covert unmanned nautical system) have called the developer the submersible Quadricopter. It can be started from the seabed or an unmanned underwater vehicle from. The drone is to perform missions to water and land.

Details are not called by the laboratory.

Missing details of the production costs. Stresses however is that they are low. Therefore, the drone in large quantities could be produced and used on risky missions. The researchers tell what should be. Although even easy, Cracuns should have a high load capacity.

“Cracuns successfully demonstrated a new way of thinking in the production and use of unmanned systems”, said hooks, physicists at the University of Hopkins and responsible for the new additive manufacturing technique of the underwater drone aerospace and mechanical engineer rich. That looming an age of drones in the sea, the French defense group DCNS in Paris assumed end of 2014.

According to project manager Jason Stipes of the APL lab engineers have long both underwater systems and autonomous aircraft. With the development of flying underwater drone had been responds to new challenges of the conveyor of the laboratory. What is one of the U.S. Government.

Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine
Loon copter in dive mode: The propeller of the drone, which can fly of course through the air, work such as propellers, which individually controls the pilot. Photo: Oakland University

Also the Loon copter, drone which was developed at Oakland University in the United States is suitable for air and water. As soon as it lands on the water, she can drive like a ship. A float which fill with water in a third mode of operation can be ensured. And then the drone simply turns into a submarine. It begins to sink and tilts 90 degrees to the front.