This car has no pedals, no speedometer and weighs only 400 kg

No pedals, no speed, two seats, with the variable bar is at the same time accelerated and braked: A Swedish start-up has rethought the electric car and renounces all superfluous. Coming out is a city car, which weighs only 400 kg. Sell the inventors want it preferably in the electronics store.

There are many electric cars now, but most of the concepts takes only conventional vehicles, incorporates an electric motor and compare costs, benefits and emissions on this basis. It is but another way: A group of Swedish students currently rolls out the field from behind and has designed an innovative electric car with Uniti that dissolves old familiar patterns.

Tailored to the needs of commuters

The car is small, light, built according to ecological principles, equipped with the latest technology and dispenses with unnecessary places, mostly not anyway be used especially in the rush hour. Two seats meet. Thus, Uniti is tailored exactly to the needs of inner city commuters.

The light is intended primarily for short urban journeys. Designs show a small car with a central driver’s seat rear front, and two (emergency) seats. The electric motor 15 kW to bring it to a top speed of up to 90 km/h, the 11 kWh ion battery should provide for a range of around 150 km.

It was called something a typical car earlier: holiday travel, brisk progress on the highway or complete removals are so, well, difficult, but also not planned. However, Uniti is perfect for city driving, occasional shopping trips and the daily commute to work.

“Scandinavian design” gets new meaning

And what distinguishes Uniti now? Unnecessary components and features have simply omitted the developers, the rest as much as possible from biological materials from regional production. As a result the budding engineers have reduced the weight of the car on only 400 kg.

It is packaged in a futuristic design, everything is far from boring ├ľkochic. The car has flowing lines, a raised windscreen, which merges into a sun canopy, hinged doors and overall a form that enticing to watch out.

State of the art technology solves the ticket for the future

Despite the reduction to the essentials, the engineers have modern technology such as a Triple redundant steer-by-wire system the electric car, driver assistance functions and a head-up display in full screen industry’s first bought that according to its own figures.

Thus, the driver in the sense of augmented reality gets led relevant additional information in mind while driving without constantly having to look at the dashboard.

Operating through hand gestures

Given the size, the drive and the fun factor and consistently thought the inventor also do not necessarily consider the cart car rather they sort it for “Consumer Electronics”. Then the channels of distribution are accordingly. Sales in electronics stores, or just order online, delivered free House by forwarding is conceivable.

Market expected to 2019

However, it is the car that throws so much furore among investors, still in the development stage. The developers for end of 2017 have announced a working prototype. The cart from 2019 to come on the market. The price should be at 20,000 euros. Except for the sale of cars, Uniti wants to earn money with licensing models for the individual technology systems.

The 200 pre-orders that already exist show that the concept quite hits the nerve of the target group, although currently still without obligation, according to the start-ups but without great publicity. The success of Crowdfunding campaign to finance the construction of the prototype gives hope: after only 36 hours the company had sought 500,000 euro for the construction of a prototype together. And of course, the campaign still continues.

What had begun as a project of the University of Lund in southern Sweden, is now an official start-up. Supported it continues from the University, as well as by the Swedish State, should but using private investors and its own economic successes.

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