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This beer is brewed by artificial intelligence

“AI” as “Artificial Intelligence” is called a beer from England, whose recipe join the beer drinkers. In the chat, an artificial intelligence queries the taste of the customers and changed the recipe for the Brewer on the basis of the collected data and logical conclusions.

The founder of the London company IntelligentX explain their product to the “first beer in the world, which was brewed by¬†artificial intelligence”. That’s not quite true that brewed beer named “AI” is still by the Brewers. The recipe but actually comes from artificial intelligence (AI) or more precisely: by the beer drinkers. A classic British ale, a Hopf bright (American pale ale), a dark beer and a grapefruit flavored are on offer and are waiting for their improvement by KI.

This is the beer, an artificial intelligence takes part of formula design. Photo: IntelligentX

Automatic brewing intelligence supervised by Artificial Intelligence

The developers describe your AI program as ‘Automatic Brewing Intelligence’ (ABI). And that is how it works: who has tried an AI-beer, can provide about a Messenger app, so a chat program, his feedback. In the text-based dialogue system that ABI queries first, which of the four flavors has been tried. Based on an algorithm for machine learning, developed by the makers of IntelligentX query evaluation, tastes and preferences of the customers.

A combination of “learning” and probability calculation is based on the algorithm of AI. The survey of the customers will continue to knit on the basis of his previous answers. On the basis of the data collected and the logical conclusions that arise during the process of machine learning, AI changed the recipe for the beer.

artificial intelligence queries
In the chat and changed the recipe for the Brewer on the basis of the collected data and logical conclusions. Photo: IntelligentX

“We’re brewers and all our clients in a room”, explains Dr. Rob McInerney, one of the two founders of the company, the method in the promotional video.

Customer satisfaction program

McInerney specializes in machine learning, the company IntelligentX a partner company from his company “smart layer” and the Innovation Agency “10x” by co-founder Hew Leith.

smart times for beer lovers
Crack new smart times for beer lovers. Photo: IntelligentX

Their idea, the clientele with a KI program involved directly in the development and improvement of the product could be easily implemented in all possible sectors. For other breweries, its always interesting is ABI. Or even for beer drinkers who brew their favorite beverage in your own kitchen.