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This AirGun is shooting pepper gas balls

The Salt company decided to combine the two forms of un-lethal weapons, recently pepper spray with airgun. The result is a gun shooting bullets, which hit the gas cloud with a diameter of five feet that keep is in the air for up to 3 to 5 minutes.

Salt Supply

The weapon has an effective range of 50-60 meters, which has to do with it, at least according to the manufacturer’s do this is with this gun most powerful non-lethal weapon in the world, and this is also thanks to the corporate mix of irritant substances contained in each of the shell.

A Starter Kit, which includes a gun, 10 training missiles, 10 shells of gas magazine, two CO2 cylinders and carrying case, costs $ 349, and for another 10 rounds (with gas, of course) you have to pay $35.

Pretty pricey, but I guess no one intends to use them often.

You can purchase directly from the manufacturer.