This is the world’s thinnest notebook

There is a shallower notebook as the MacBook Air from Apple? Now. And although the spectre 13 HP anyway, advertises it as the world’s thinnest notebook. What do you think it is how flat?

Apple has put on warm. Because the American PC maker HP brings a notebook on the market that is actually flatter than the MacBook Air: the spectre 13.

How flat is it? At its thickest point, the aluminum enclosure measures just 10 mm, the scale has a 1.1 kg. However, the MacBook Air is 17 mm and a weight of 1.35 kg.

Spectre 13

To achieve this compactness, the HP engineers rely on an IPS display that is only 2 mm thin, rimless and a new piston hinge that flips a flush to the base unit and is not visible in the closed state. “The spectre of the HP is the world’s thinnest notebook. “And in contrast to super thin PCs on the market this will affect the performance and function of the notebooks at HP,” explains Louis Perrin, head of HP consumer products.

Battery lasts longer than nine hours, outstanding performance

According to HP, spectre redefined the standards for premium-class PCs. A look inside reveals: the current generation of Skylake core i chips are used choice are a core i7-6500U or a core i5-6300U, a PCI-Express SSD drive with 256 or 512 GB and up to 8 GB memory.

The so-called positive pressure cooling Intel provides sufficient cooling. Two fans suck fresh air in it on the back of the housing and blow it through the housing to heat sinks. And how long to hold a battery charge? According to HP up to 9.5 hours.

Stereo loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen

The spectre of 13 should also treat eyes and ears. HP a borderless 13.3 inch display with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels has bought the notebook. Notwithstanding it could survive even the fall of the table. Because the developers have break and scratch-resistant Gorilla glass manufacturer Corning installed, which is used also in the front window of the new Ford GT. Stereo speakers of the manufacturer Bang & Olufsen should provide appealing sound.

Spectre 13 coming in June for €1499 in the market

HP, “Spectre 13” June 2016 will bring to a starting price of €1499 in the market. €1308, the Spectre Pro G1’s business model will be slightly cheaper. Remains to be seen, as the slimmest notebook of the world when the audience arrives. There are in any case already critical voices: “well, thank God at last! I have annoyed me so many times, that I can push through my notebook under the closed door”, for example, Internet user Samuel commented on a report by ZDNet. “We have now solved this problem.”