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The Washington Post hired Artificial Intelligence for editor chair

A month ago we reported that the future of journalism is an artificial intelligence that will create and edit messages, without the need for the participation of journalists. Already at this time, using the power of the AI is interested in many of the world’s news agencies.

Such plans, however, cause much controversy. Journalists are afraid that eventually in this sensitive issue turn on Governments and to create algorithms for creating a completely different vision of reality, because this just may cause someone discomfort.

Meanwhile, apparently the way he wants to follow the American The Washington Post. Well, the journal has hired just in its editorial the algorithm of artificial intelligence.

The Washington Post hired Artificial Intelligence for editor chair
Entry made by AI on twitter. Phot. WashingtonPost.

The newspaper launched its appointed SI called Heliograph in the Internet, on the occasion of the start of the 31ST Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The system no longer supports the website log and twitter profile, posting on them the results of the sports struggle Olympians.

As long as the algorithm is not very large, so it is not capable of writing a long news stories or articles, but scientists are already working on its development. So we see that the dark vision of the Elimination of live journalists and replacing them with artificial intelligence slowly begins to realize.