The UNITED STATES started the production of thermonuclear bombs

In the face of growing from month to month conflicts all over the world armed, the United States are beginning more and more steps to how to best prepare your mighty army to global war on many fronts.

The national nuclear security Administration (NNSA) announced today that after many years of testing prototypes, begins production of new weapons fusion. This is a unique event, because it will be the first upgraded weapons of this type produced in the United States since the end of the cold war.

The first bomb will be ready in 2020. However, there will be a completely new loads, because the program longevity (life extension program LEP) B61 bombs assumes use of their old items and placing them in a modern package, making the whole much more accurate and more efficient.

NSA announces that from old bombs will only be used for the load, metal form a solid roll fusion elements from plutonium, uranium, tritium, explosives and various additives. Cargo is not large, but it is able to explode with the force of more than 100 kilo-tonnes, or roughly five times more potent than the bombs dropped on Japan.

At the moment available for the production version B61-12 (12 is the designation of the modification) will have limited power to 20 kilo-tonnes. The Pentagon considers, however, that it is enough, because the maximum improved at the same time, the accuracy of all weapons.

For modification of the modern system of guidance is none other than Boeing. New modifications will make an arsenal of weapon design will be able to serve US for the next 20 years.

The UNITED STATES started the production of thermonuclear bombs