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The strangest and most mysterious structure in euro-asia

In the near vicinity of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl the Russians have built two powerful structures. A site which called as Chernobyl 2. After what the authorities of the SOVIET UNION were such gigantic installations? What served and whether they were safe to use?

The days of the cold war repeatedly have driven technological development on both sides of the iron curtain. It was in this period is designed and built the largest submarines of the world or a huge strategic bombers able to carry nuclear weapons. A relic of the ongoing arms race is also the installation called “the eye of Moscow”. Design that its shape resembles a gigantic stage is a system of powerful antennas where the aim was to detect a potential attack based in the territory of the SOVIET UNION.

The strangest and most mysterious structure in euro-asiaDuga is officially called anti-ballistic missile early-warning radar system technology. This means that objects detected by the device may be located outside the line of the horizon and in that year OAE transitioned them don’t mind bending the Earth. This is made possible by bouncing radio waves from the surface of the globe and the ionosphere. On the whole, the system consisted of three devices installed in Komsomolsk Amur.

Chernobyl and Nikolaev was a major center of Chernobyl project.

The first works started in the 1950s. of the last century. They built the first trial installation, which has managed to seamlessly detect missile launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome launched its own. It confirmed the ability of the installation to its tactical use by the military that represents the State to build the appropriate objects. Chernobyl, this consisted of two antennas. The first of them was 85 feet tall and 210 meters wide, and the other up 135 and 300 meters from the hotel.

All design, installation, and use of antennas, of course, remains top secret is officially called them “the radio Center of telecommunications”. Around the antennas built a separate, closed the town in which he lived that supports them, although staff officially was a Soviet base.

The system worked in the frequency range from 4 to 30 MHz, however the most commonly used frequency of 10 and 15 MHz. Its power was estimated to be approximately 4000 MW. Shortly after the start of the eye of Moscow radio amateurs from all over the world began to report strange reception signals that resembled knocking the Woodpecker. Thus was born another system name: “Russian Woodpecker”. In the United States attempted to even perform amateur action by sending a signal of the same frequency, and addressed in the Soviet Union, had drown out the system. Not only watched the amateur radio on the clear effect of the object. There have been persistent problems, for example. television and radio operators, which has led to protests from many countries. Russia’s deal with failed to do and admitted in a terse statement that ran some experiments.

The strangest and most mysterious structure in euro-asiaThe mysteriousness of the USSR and reports of disruption to radio contributed the emergence of numerous speculations about the true purpose of the object. The most courageous of them spoke about the fact that the Russians are testing the psychological weapons and waves generated by an antenna interferes with the work of the human brain. Others say that a system has been created to communicate with submarines to remain submerged, and also that the system can disrupt communications (satellite) around the world. As the theory of the uncanny was suspected for antennas sending weather disasters in any region of the world. Of course, the vast majority of these reports does not have much in common with the reality and it is a figment of human imagination.

The installation 1986 was suspended after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. However, in September 2014 reportedly recorded signal, which was identical to that previously emitted by Duga.