The Self Propelled Car Shiwa HAS NO WINDOWS!

A self-propelled car without window: Shiwa puts on it autonomous driving one in new terms. The car from Turin scares the most of the drivers. Better yet passengers probably even more. But Rauf could be a glimpse of the future of the automobile.

Granted, that sounds a little daunting at first mcar without Windows. Can you feel comfortable in it anyway? Why not? For: Windows in the car are really necessary? You have to trust a self-propelled car already blind.

The Self Propelled Car Shiwa frontAnd what you see out there is not always sparkling. In the futuristic Shiwa automobiles we can not get bored. The rider can control multimedia projections on the walls at will. The passengers can play chat, eat and always stay former as rider is part of this experience.

Shiwa is like a rolling kitchen and conference table

There is room for four people on board. The Interior has a cozy lounge atmosphere. The seats are arranged in such a way that everyone can look as a table. This is not only something for parents who want to keep their children in mind, but also for the work: it can make a kind of itinerant Conference room. You can prepare for meetings or present his projects with the multi media projections.

Shiwa in Japanese means “Fold”

A student from Korea had the original idea to the futuristic four-seater. The windowless concept vehicle was completed by a large team at the University Institute Europeo di Design (IED) in Turin. Also the magazine Quattroruote was involved in development.

The Self Propelled Car Shiwa Concept
Concept to study was developed by a team from the University Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Turin. Photo: IED

The diamond shaped form of the prototype refers to the Japanese art of paper folding. Hence (Shiwa). This is Japanese and means fold. Outside, the car is composed of curved aluminum panels. It is 4.70 m long, 2 m wide and 1.5 m high. This future car is powered by four electric motors in the wheels.

Furthermore, Shiwa is a so-called “individual identity companion vehicle” (IICV). This means that the vehicle learns more and more about its rider. It turns up in a sense on their habits. And car keys are nothing more than a relic from the dinosaur era: the riders look the car camera and may enter so that works for this car of the future. Thieves remain outside. One should not have probably rider: claustrophobia.

Many manufacturers are experimenting with autonomous cars

A car such as Shiwa already in default of 15 years on the streets could be according to the developer. We will see whether the autonomous car or just flop like so far the electric car.

Today, big car companies test autonomous cars like Mercedes with the spectacular F 015, but also the Internet giant Google with its spherical Google M8ts. Audi has to rush even race versions of the cars in his series on the Hockenheimring and the Sonoma Raceway in California that were faster than with driver.

Daimler experimented even with autonomous moving trucks, which should relieve the driver especially over long distances and has asked to even the Baden-W├╝rttemberg (South Germany) President Winfried Kretschmann on the passenger seat.