The Norwegians will build the world’s first underwater bridge

The journey from Kristiansand in southern Norway to Trondheim in the North lasts today 21 hours. All through the fjords, which you need to cross along the way. Norwegian engineers plan to significantly reduce the time. All thanks to the revolutionary project.

Engineers are working on one of the most modern bridge crossings in the world. The project involves the construction of a underwater pontoon bridges linking the banks of seven fjords, crossing picturesque road E39. Today, to exceed, you have to use the ferry, which, as you figure, is very inconvenient.

Change to this concrete floating tunnels at a depth of about 30 feet under water. Find a place on dual carriageways, which will go. To design was stable tunnels will be attached to the maritime day, and before the sinking will protect dozens of inflatable boats.

The first one goes the longest Norwegian fjords Sognefjorden. Rocky shores will connect the submarine episode length of 1200 meters.

The cost of construction of all seven bridges is astronomical-the designers calculated that will swallow it up to 25 billion dollars. If all goes according to completion and is scheduled for 2035, and the drivers go without disruptive interruption. Travel time from Kristiansand to Tronheim should reduce over 21 to 10 and a half hours.