The first tattoo made by industrial robot

Generally engineers do not “do Tatoo”, what we like is to play with robots and mark others. It turns out that among the professions affected by robots can sometimes find tattooists as well. Few days ago in France a group of geeks electronics and decorating skin performed made for the first time tattoo with the help of an industrial robot.

The robot to work but need a precise map of the object on which the pattern had to apply, to that end, it was necessary to perform accurate, three-dimensional scan of the legs of the recipient of the tattoo. In addition, the leg that had to be during the piercing process itself fixed rigidly-even a slight movement could here to end a painful injury.

Well, for now it only show that such a thing is at all possible, however, if the work would be used for piercing it they will have to live scan in three dimensions our body, and it is not yet possible.