The first private mission to the Moon is approved

Established on the famous Cape Canaveral Florida Moon Express, as the first private entity has received just the permission from the Government of the United States to carry out a mission to the moon. As early as next year it is going to put on the Silver Globe unmanned Lander.

The decision by the Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration) is so important that it establishes certain standards for all other companies interested in conquest of the Cosmos. Not only to the Moon, but also on the asteroid or even on Mars.

In accordance with the plan of the mission Moon Express is going to perform on the lunar surface a series of scientific experiments, and by the way take a trip there has with it a pair of commercial cargo, including cremated human remains.

This is another great step towards to conquest of the cosmos, because until now, private companies were limited in the activities to the Indies and the surrounding area. And the Moon Express should move further.