The Drone Eats A Half Tons Of Rubbish Per Day

The drone eats a half tons of rubbish per day

Rotterdam, where is the largest, busiest port in Europe, annually accepts and holds a further route more than 400 thousand tons of goods. And more recently pervaded the water it drones, to facilitate and accelerate its performance.

Aquatic drones are created mainly on local universities (Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University), as well as by the arm port dealing with new technologies Innovation Lab, supported by local startups, supported by the business Accelerator PortXL first, which focuses on the technologies.

The drone eats a half tons of rubbish per day

One such drones is Waste Shark-machine, which is quite a lot-is a small car and that day extract from the harbour water to 500 kilograms of rubbish, which are then processed. Currently, these machines are tested and if all goes according to plan this for half a year they will prevent blockages docks.

But there are also smaller, equipped with cameras, machines that are designed to audit concrete elements of the port, they can reach wherever man enters into or where it is too dangerous.

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