The beauty of a storm in 4k (Kansas, US)

If you like the storms that sit back, click on the play button and enjoy a few minutes of beautiful, natural show that managed to capture the photographer Harry Risman from Kansas. He recorded it in there close up a great storm in 4 k.

Where does lightning come from? Lightning always arouse in people the admiration and fear. This is an extremely beautiful atmospheric phenomenon, though carrying a lethal danger. Today, however, failed to explain the mechanism of the formation of lightning.In June, 1752 the year conducted a groundbreaking experiment that allowed us a bit closer to explain the mysteries of this phenomenon. Then Benjamin Franklin using a kite and attached to it a metal key, proved an electric nature of lightning.


It turned out that Flash excruciating sky during a storm is nothing like negative cargo moving between the cloud and the ground. For the next 250 years, efforts were made to explain the mechanism of the formation of lightning. Today, however, have failed to fully explain this phenomenon, although several very likely theory.

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