The 5 biggest communication APPS for engineers

Nobody comes around to communication by us. Certainly is not in theprofession. But who to exchanges with other people, is in danger of always, to fallinto traps. We have collected the 5 most common communication for engineers.

The 5 biggest communication APPS for engineers

1. Much information

One is expert in a field for many years or has incorporated itself as entrants over several weeks in a topic, it is often the case loaded with knowledge that it is difficult to identify the essentials. Especially when you talk about your current field of work, imagine for example, in a presentation, it is important for you to be the amount of information that the person or the Group of persons, make available, manageable. You can follow you more if you are confined to the essential points. And: more time to explain the important points is to through this reduction to the essential.

2. Complexity trap

A common reason why communication engineers will fail, is that the two communicating parties not on a knowledge and training are. It is therefore essential and imperative that you choose your words so that you can follow your counterpart. Maybe you can roughly estimate the level of knowledge of the person. Sure still in conversation with short questions again and again, whether the conversation partner can understand your comments or at certain points need more information – refined for lay -.

3. the emphasis on case

Most frequently it comes experts in communication with extraneous people to uncertainties. These are expressed very often in the melody. It is especially when the engineer believes his counterpart could no longer follow him to a phenomenon which concerns the emphasis. So many experts tend to their records no longer “included with a point”, so a voice settled to the end of a sentence, to speak. Rather, they tend to end all sentences with a high voice. So sounds each set like a question and insecure, and above all less competently work the speaker. Talk to a person when you are not sure whether she can follow you, you better ask (see point 2) and you keep talking normal then. You do something for your standing in the company so active because they seem this sovereign and yet to do so prudently.

4. the subjunctive case

Especially women tend in the communication to the subjunctive and mitigating formulations which make her statement less harsh, but also less accurate. Even less experienced colleagues have a tendency to make less easily vulnerable with cautious wording. But even experienced managers make that mistake again. But before that, watch out! A your wishes or demands are not clearly communicated through this complimentary – and weakening phrases (vs. “we add here still xy”It would be good if we could add here still xy””), on the other hand, your statements are so less binding. If you say a colleague, “it would be good if you could do this tomorrow”, you say exactly this: it would be good if it were finished. But that it is absolutely necessary, you don’t say. Therefore reworded to: “You do it (please) by tomorrow.” So the statement is unmistakable and you must lead in hindsight no discussions about why the task was not done.

5. Case of the breaks

Last in The 5 biggest communication APPS for engineers. This case is particularly noteworthy because it belongs to which you do not even think, but which puts out someone else for you. The case of breaks is a popular medium among superiors. While they use deliberately silence, to get more information from you when you actually want to disclose. And while it is easy: the supervisor asks you something, such as “How the project’s A going’?” You know or suspect that he knows about the one or the other problem, want but positive turn out that and reply therefore only briefly with its all according to plan. I am confident that we deliver everything on time.” Of course, don’t expect praise or another statement of your boss now. But who says nothing, she looks around at or in the room. And that is exactly the case! Many people want to break through the unusual silence and then add information that rather had not said. Before that you should be wary. Watch the game better and keep silence. If your boss wants to know something concrete from you, he must ask already.