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The 10 longest bridges in the world

Bridges span not only water or gorges. In a dizzy height they overcome other roads, towns or areas requiring protection. These 10 bridges but are not only helpful, but simply gigantic. We have the 10 longest bridges researched for you.

10 longest bridges on the world
The Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden is one of the largest engineering constructions in Europe. Among the top 10 but it has not managed.

10 longest bridges on the world

10. Yangcun bridge

Southeast of Beijing extends the Yangcun bridge over a length of 35.8 km away. The building belongs to the high-speed rail Beijing-Tianjin line and was completed in of 2007. The train service is exclusively for passenger traffic and is designed for trains, which can reach speeds of up to 350 km/h.

9. Manchac Swamp Bridge

Wetlands provide traffic planners with special challenges. In Louisiana, it was necessary to cross the Manchac Swamp and to find a way for Interstate 55th For the project, 75 m long piles were driven into the marsh area that carry the bridge until today. 36.7 km will now be crossed using the ninth longest bridge in the world. With its dimensions the Manchac Swamp Bridge is also the third-longest in the world, which leads to water. In 1979 the building was opened to traffic for. The construction costs amounted to about 260 million US dollars.

8. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is found in the United States. North of New Orleans in Louisiana, it runs over the Lake Pontchartrain between Jefferson Parish and St. Tammany Parish and has a total length of 38.4 km away. This makes it the second longest bridge in the world, which leads to water. First, the building completed in 1956 consisted only of a bridge in each direction had ready a lane. Because of the heavy traffic has been expanded, however, ten years later, at a distance of 24 meters another bridge, so now each direction two lanes available. Up to 3,500 cars, the elevated girder bridge crossing at peak times every hour.

7. Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

The world’s longest bridge leading over the water can be found in Asia: The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is 42.5 km long, so the seventh-longest bridge in the world and spans the eponymous bay in eastern China. The highway bridge with three lanes in each direction was opened in 2011 and connects the cities of Qingdao and Hangdao. Expansion joints with a compensating total distance of almost 34 meters it is protected against natural disasters. Is not longest bridges on the world but earthquake to magnitude 8 and typhoons or accidents such as the crash of a ship to the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge be able to withstand. For four years, has been working on the concrete bridge before it was opened 2011th

6. Beijing Grand Bridge

Also for the sixth-longest bridge in the world is the view towards Asia. The Great Bridge of Beijing is 48.1 km long and part of the high-speed railway line between Beijing and Shanghai.The viaduct was built as a girder bridge using precast concrete components. Only the crossing of the G45 highway was spanned by a steel arch bridge hollow box girders with a span of 108 m. In November 2011, the building project was completed.

5. Bang Na Expressway

The fifth longest bridge in the world is in Thailand: The Bang Na Expressway 54 km long and can be found in Bangkok. A total of six lanes provides the toll road, in each direction three. In five years, and for construction costs in the amount of 1 billion US dollars, the building, the total surface area of 1.9 million m originated 2 can boast. The girder bridge was opened in 2000 and has long been the world’s longest bridge. But it should still come some much longer.

4. Large Bridge over the River Sui

For Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed ​​Railway is one of the East China located large bridge over the river Sui. With a length of 65.6 km, it is currently the fourth-longest bridge in the world.Your longest span is 80 m. The girder bridge with box girder was completed in 2009 and released for Rapid railway 2011th

3. Great Bridge of Weinan Weihe

The third longest bridge in the world is the great bridge of Weinan Weihe. Also it is in China and is part of the rapid transit route Xuzhou-Lanzhou in the east of the country. Over a length of 79.7 km was completed in 2008 crossed the Great Bridge of Weinan Weihe the Weifluss two times and numerous smaller water bodies, roads and railways. For two years in 2010 released the transport structure was the world’s longest bridge, but was then trumped by the following bridges.

2. Tianjin Grand Bridge

The Tianjin Grand Bridge is a part of the quick route between Beijing and Shanghai in east China. The viaduct is 113.7 km long and consists of 32 m long box girder that around 860 per tonne weigh. The second longest bridge in the world was built in the construction of the elevated track in order to create as much distance for rail rapid transit in the shortest possible construction period.

1. Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge

About ten thousand workers were four years engaged in building this gigantic construct.Whole 164.8 kilometers bridge is the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge long. Longest bridges on the world with dimension of the east China’s mega-standing structure is approximately equal to a straight line between Bayreuth and Leipzig. The railway viaduct serving as high-speed railway between Nanjing and Shanghai and offers on the track space for five stations. The construction of the initiated on 30 June 2011. Bridge cost approximately 8.5 billion dollars.