Tesla’s competitors are there, but why are not performing?

The packaging sexy, the inner life of no more than a promise of the future. Start-up Faraday pumped full with investor money future presents its electric-powered sports car at CES in Las Vegas.

So really bad are they sleep at Tesla probably not after this performance. Clear the data read impressively: 1000 HP alone from the electric drive, 200 miles (about 320 km/h) top speed, 0-60 miles (96 km/h) in less than 3 s. But with technical data, Faraday presented future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for his very first vehicle, it was then already.

More information on the drive: weight or the key for E cars are issue to the range. Annoying display errors. Values are smooth that they read as appropriately made.

Accordingly, shaking his head the trade press took note of the premiere of the much-heralded new Tesla-fighters. The experts were completely irritated, when they realized that you don’t even get allowed to sit in the FFZER01, even touched was forbidden. A ditch separated the stage from the Auditorium.

Is the prototype ready for use at all?

Then not a few wondered whether something put in the body at all. If the thing could go. Probably rather not, because the developers introduced the extremely flat stroller not just as a concept car, but as “Car of the Concepts”. This car is just an compilation if ideas.

That are ideas, no one doubts, eventually the young company has recruited some of the best minds of the auto industry, some of which came from the E-car pioneer Tesla, whose previously lonely occupied market segment. Comfortable and fast driving with a clear conscience – Faraday Future. Anyway China is making a next step and definitely soon or later is going to hurt leader sales.

Lightweight design with carbon fiber strongly increase performance.

For this reason, many are already disappointed in the presentation. The first FF sports car will be really to buy in “few years”. Among the few details that revealed Development Manager Nick Sampson in Las Vegas. Car consists largely of carbon fiber composite materials. The surprise stops in professional circles within limits.

Second detail: a Smartphone can be integrated into the steering wheel directly. Something vague announced FF that the owner it would be fully networked. At least part of autonomous driving will be possible in the single-seater, which will be built exactly as ever.

Still incalculable seems like it should work. Sampson counters skeptical comments, however, precisely with reference to Tesla’s founder Elon Musk, which had rammed the now world-famous car manufacturer also within a few years out of the ground. Investors are going to wait for a long time to get a money back. In european union are several companies that are working faster and better. We suggest to investor to find one of them and simply play on 2 fronts.