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Tesla Town Power City in Australia (Free Energy)

A district in which each produces its own electricity and stores it in a Tesla battery: This is the vision of the new district of YarraBend on the outskirts of Melbourne. No one needs electricity from the grid in the suburb. Interested parties should however enough spare change for their house in “Tesla Town”.

“Sustainable energy” are something the subject of the present – have humanity is ultimately superior to drive tomorrow cars also, to be able to operate and refrigerators connected computer. But why should you equip laboriously subsequently existing homes with solar systems & co., if you can build them also from the outset?

2,500 houses are planned

YarraBend, a suburb of Melbourne goes this way. No, stop: a future suburb of Melbourne. This quarter, 8.5 kilometers of the city away, there has only been on the drawing board of the real estate company Glenwill, that takes care of the planning and construction. But this goes on the whole thing: the future suburb should be completely independent of the public grid.

Tesla Town Power City in Australia
8.5 kilometers Melbourne wall is the suburb YarraBend created to store energy. Photo: YarraBend

The planners of the 165,000-square-meter area want to be achieved by each of the planned 2,500 houses literally to the roof is equipped with energy-efficient technology. Standard for each House are a solar system on the roof, a charging point for electric cars, an energy-saving lighting system, and a power wall of the California electric car manufacturer Tesla.

The heart of the concept is the power wall

The latter is the heart of the entire concept: it’s an energy storage system of solar batteries, which stores excess energy and emits, when – needed help, if you still want to cook for example after sunset or wants to watch TV. This power wall is so central to the whole concept, that the settlement already nicknamed Tesla town takes a fact, the Tesla Board might quite like Elon Musk.

Tesla Town Power City
The master plan for YarraBend. Photo: yarrabend

The planners expect a large effectiveness of the system that the residents can – loose not only the needs of daily household life with the self-produced electricity, but recharge their electric vehicles to free, because the power goes in the sense of the word from the sky.

Luxury homes with proud prices

For savers, the District still is nothing, at least not in the first step: the prices for the first 60 offered luxury homes go for €1.3 million. For this money the residents get offered but also a lot including high speed Internet access and technical support.

Tesla Town
Photo: Tesla Town

In addition, there is a special YarraBend app with information for daily life in the settlement: there you can see for example, when does the next bus, who is interested in a carpool and when is the next social event. There is a golf course, bike paths, playgrounds and a lot of other sports in the distinctly green area as well as schools, cultural activities, and grocery stores.

Car fools have bad cards

PS-junkies will have however not fun: the city planners have inspired by the bicycle-friendly cities of Scandinavia allow two-wheeled vehicles and pedestrians are privileged in YarraBend. And who in the Melbourne City Center or where ever wants, needs also no car: the nearest train station is only 400 meters away, it says.