Tesla Solar Roof is cheaper than a regular roof !

Tesla Solar Roof is cheaper than a regular roof !

Produced by Tesla basic Solar Roof is, according to the announcement on the line to change our world.  Most recent information seems to confirm this. It is, in fact, cost less than a classic roof, even if not accounting for the fact that it will be produced.

Previously, Musk announced that the roof will be cheaper than the classic after deducting what will generate in the form of electricity, and so the new information is really surprising. And if they are found to be true is a Solar Roof will be a huge breakthrough, in fact, no reason for it not to install instead of the classic roof tiles-it has to be cheaper, more durable and has to look better.

According to Musk something like this was possible thanks to the fact that currently, the market for roofing is very inefficient, and for a long time no one he watched for optimization.

We look forward, therefore, for more details though probably the price announcements will guide only the American market.

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