Tesla 2 HEPA System Defense Against Smog and “Bio Weapons”

Outdoor smog and clean air area is in your car? It promises Tesla with its new air filter system HEPA. The electric car pioneer calls its technology even a defense against “biological weapons”. And mean it literally.

If even the engineers at Tesla are masters of their craft the PR Department of the US company is also without a doubt. Each new announcement makes waves, every little interview by company founder Elon Musk is absorbed by the media like an Obama’s speech to the nation. Now, pioneer has the next coup at the start: an air purification system that engineers call the “HEPA filter and defensive mode against biological weapons”.

Tesla 2 HEPA Bio Weapon Mode
The graphics to the new Tesla air filter: After a short time the indoor air is perfectly clean, whereas outside still thick air. Photo: Tesla

With half measures is not there off is just the auto manufacturer in California. And also, if Tesla of course does not explain the exact mode of operation, so the insinuations and analogies let but sit up: you have the system of technology in industrial clean rooms and space.

Hardness test in the smog and cow pastures 🙂

An idea of the space? What sounds like a frying pan elsewhere politicians has Yes a well-founded background at Tesla. Finally, Elon Musk is also the founder and owner of the private aerospace firm SpaceX, which already makes a number of cargo flights to the ISS has completed and 2017 even with Boeing U.S. astronauts to the ISS to fly. A few months ago, SpaceX celebrated a great success with the accurate landing of a reusable rocket.

But back to the clean air system for the car: pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria, all this is to pull the biological weapon by Tesla in the air. So well that their shares slip all below the detection limit. Tested Tesla has the system not only on clogged roads in the United States or in the Chinese urban smog, but also in the nearby swamps and cow pastures. Because it is not only health burden, but also olfactory harassment.

Ambient air is much cleaner

The image on the subject provides the PR Department but with the car, which is available in a plastic sleeve. What looks like a match box car in a bubble of chewing gum, is a real model X. Air pollution on one hundred times of a still just considered ‘healthy’ value was inflated in the bladder.

Tesla Model 3
The basic version of the model 3 puts it in a range of 345 km and speeds up in six seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Photo: Tesla Motors

According to Tesla, the tests showed that the air in the car was so well cleaned after a few minutes, that inmates could have absolutely fresh and pure atmosphere. Not only that: even the air in the environment was clean after some time by 40 percent as before.

By what means this can be done, just not says Tesla. Also not, whether and how often the filter cleaned or replaced. Musk reveals only that Google co-founder Larry page brought him the idea.

The best PR is, of course, that is not just PR. What does Tesla? “The biological weapons defense mode is no marketing slogan, it is reality. They can survive in fact a military attack with biological weapons they sit in your car.” These bunker-quality should there by the way, even in the new model 3, the Tesla is cheapest so far by far.