New Tesla Electric Car for 31,000 Euro with 115,000 orders in 24 hours

An electric car for only €31,000? Tesla with the new model 3 makes this possible. CEO Elon Musk wants to mix drive the mass market. VW and BMW with a E-Golf and i3 must dress warm. Their cars are more expensive and not so far to go.

At night April 1 it was exciting at 5:30 German time in Los Angeles. Visionary and Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne 3 new model presented an electric car which will costs €31,000.

New Tesla Electric Car for 31,000 Euro with 115,000 orders in 24 hours.

A challenge to VW and BMW: An E-Golf is currently available with a base price €34,900 in the list, an official distance is 190 km, but also not nearly reached the E-golf. The BMW i3 euros 35.900, at a range of also officially 190 km in the basic equipment.

Greater range at lower price, this model 3 should put to the Tesla. Especially as the model 3 the size later plays a class, about the size of an Audi A4. The base model of the 4.7 m long Tesla sedan with a panoramic glass roof to accelerate in six seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, can independently change lanes, and have a range of 345 km. More expensive variants should bring it to about 480 km.

Madness: 115,000 pre-orders in 24 hours

Musk wants to mix with the model 3 the mass market. And the E-car fans seem to thank him. Only 24 hours after the opening of the order books already 115,000 pre-orders are entered according to musk–the total value of the order is therefore approximately 4 billion $. In many cities the fans even in best Apple-style before Tesla Stores camped around $1000 to be paid.