Tesla autopilot is under re-development

Although the consumer organisation Consumer Report suggests Tesla to disabled autopilot, which recently was able to cause a few collisions, Elon Musk, CEO of the American company does not want to hear about it. Instead, announces major update, which has seriously improve a new feature.

Elon Musk reported on Twitter that the latest version of the software marked (8), will be the largest since the first generation and bring giant changes primarily for the operation of the Autopilot functions, improving mostly accuracy options for watching the road and detect obstacles.

Tesla Cars built-in radar that is currently used is to monitor the speed of the car in an adaptive cruise control, but its utility will increase significantly. The manufacturer wants to radar took over a function similar to the LIDAR’a, used often in autonomous prototypes cars for environmental mapping using laser rays.

Tesla autopilot is under re-development

LIDAR is, however, very expensive solution to create ambient maps in autonomous driving mode, so the Musk wants to use the radar for this purpose. In his opinion, it will be even better, because the laser system LIDAR’a based on visible light, and so are the effects of weather, such as rain, fog or snow. Radar is a completely different matter, because it uses radio waves with a length of 3.9 mm that have sufficiently high resolution and penetrate through the raindrops, and this system can function even at a speed of 160 km/h.

Changes in the system of the radar work, however, only part of the plan to improve the efficiency of the autopilot functions. Tesla already has said talks with companies Bosch and MobilEye, which would provide hardware and software for this option. Of course, these changes are much more distant future and perhaps such a solution can be found only on the Board of the model 3.