Teleportation According to Microsoft

Holoportacja is to create a three dimensional projection of the person in her environment, as seen with HoloLens glasses to reality.

Hologram faithfully captures the look, movement and interaction with the surrounding it. Everything was presented in the following video material.

Holoportation requires HoloLens glasses on one of those and a set of cameras on the other. They record her movements and the details of the environment, and the software processes the data and presents it to the user Googles. If exactly the same set of (glasses and cameras) have both a person, then they can see each other. Of course there is here no question of any physical contact. Microsoft provides the only picture.

At the moment it is not known what the cameras require holographic. We do not know well, or ever will be available commercially. For now we are still waiting on the same HoloLens that for developers, cost 3. DOL.

You can, however, imagine how holoportation could change the contact on the distance from the image on the computer screen or to a detailed projection of the other person.