TEB: Tunnel Bus in China

The commuters float in the bus over the traffic jams across, well 60 km/h their goal against. This is a bold vision of China, which was tested for the first time in reality. Elevated transit bus, short TEB, is called the same tunnel portal bus that there actually are.

There are only 300 m road in the northern Chinese port city of Qinhuangdao in Hebei province, people’s Republic of China, but this 300 m point in the right direction, in the direction of congestion-free mobility. On August 2 the elevated transit rolled on this piece of road first bus (TEB-1) of the Chinese company explore transit bus. And he feels like a vehicle from the future. TEB is to combat the perpetual traffic jam in the country of the Middle, by bringing people from the street. “The biggest advantage is that the bus saves much space on the road,” TEB Chief Engineer song Yanjing YINHUA Chinese news agency said.

TEB works like a rolling tunnel with ceiling lighting

And it’s like this: TEB straddles two lanes and passes the traffic below him just across – like a rolling tunnel. And is equipped with a ceiling like a tunnel. End of may a miniature model and a film of this superbus TEB-1 were presented at the 19th International High-Tech Expo in Beijing. And now the developed and built by Maschinenbau company Jinchuang Corp first real model could be presented. The prototype of TEB-1 has 16 wheels, in addition to eight guide wheels, which are available with guard rails in contact, to keep him on the track. In addition to the 300m long Street, tracks were elevated so where rolls of TEB.

More standing than seats

A part of the car is 22 m long, 7.8 meters wide and 4.8 m high. The passage height below 2 meters, higher vehicles and trucks have to go outside on the rolling tunnel passing. 300 passengers will find in a car parts place. The TEB-1 the Interior more reminiscent of a waiting room. There are only 55 seats, in the middle of the car, a seat roundabout that reminds a little of the village square under the village Linden Tree dominates, for the majority of the passengers are standing room only. In the future, four of these car parts should be linked together, so that the 88 m long TEB about can transport 1,200 people at the same time.

Top speed of 64 km/h

Powered the TEB is purely electric, and to reach a maximum speed of 64 km/h. At the demonstration in Qinhuangdao drove the bus only at a snail’s pace. It was mainly to prove the basic suitability of the rolling tunnel. And Elementary characteristics such as the braking distances and energy consumption have been checked.