Teatro for Dayz of Nissan: Internet in a car

Nissan has developed a vehicle that should appeal to digital natives, ie young people who are grown up with the Internet. Teeming inside and outside of touchscreens. The driver can however only surf when he parks.

Perhaps the craziest car in the world, the Japanese subsidiary Renault Nissan developed as a concept car. Outwardly, it looks a bit like the Renault Kangoo. But inside, everything is different than in conventional vehicles. All available land, allegedly even the seats, consisting of displays, and of course the dashboard. During the trip, there appear the normal instruments such as speedometer and battery charge level – the vehicle is a flawless electric car. All as a touch screen display configured to be connected to the Internet as soon as it is available.

From childhood on the Internet

The concept vehicle is based on the identified needs of Nissan of a generation that has grown up with the Internet. Digital Natives they are called, because they have from childhood normal interpersonal contacts in favor of communication in social networks partially, sometimes largely abandoned.

Share photos, videos, experiences and thoughts with often complete strangers. Exactly they should be able to do so in the car, find the Nissan futurologist. And can chat with other owners of such vehicles. On the outer edges of the display are also mounted on which messages and images can be shown.

Internet in a car ultimately is making the batteries schlapp

The Teatro for Dayz, as Nissan calls the vehicle should reach young people who make in the near future the license. Most have a smartphone that they,  as a professor at Bonn found out, use 53 times a day. Every 18 minutes to interrupt their normal activities, to consult or to send to other users photos like her cell phone. In China there is even divided walkways.One half is reserved for those who are constantly on your smartphone screen rigid – a precaution, to avoid collisions between pedestrians. It is precisely this intimate connection to the Internet and its possibilities is also the Teatro for Dayz offer.

Now an electric car has a limited range. When the batteries are then also overused during parking it is even lower. Who extremely long surf the Internet, which is by no means unusual for Digital Natives, has quickly no vehicle, but a standing stuff. Ultimately, even the dark screens.

Once the Nissan Teatro for Dayz: Autokino special kind of all as touchscreen displays are formed connected to the Internet is available.