Take Away’s First Offshore Platform Filmed

Take Away’s First Offshore Platform Filmed

Allseas has a movie produced by the removal of a complete drilling rig in the North Sea. It was the first commercial mission of the lift chip Pioneering Spirit. Welcome to the world of waves, steel, hydraulics and greatness.

For the Pioneering Spirit was removing the Yme, platform end off the coast of Norway the commercial job who had to prove that the ship is capable of a platform at sea as a whole. The operation happened late August, reports Allseas.

The company has now released a film of the operation.

The ship, a design by All Seas CEO Edward Heerema, has a U-shaped bow, the platform that platform then with grab arms handling and lifting once at one time to bring it to the Mainland for further decommissioning.

Less work on sea

The benefit of this approach is that it is time-consuming and therefore costly work on sea is minimized. Without the Pioneering Spirit must be a platform in parts are dismantled, otherwise it will be for the usual crane vessels is overweight.

The operation with the Pioneering Spirit was successful. It was not the size of the Yme-platform the biggest point of concern-the platform still have a weight of 13,400 tons, but the back and forth moving platform. “We knew that Yme fairly unstable was” says a spokesman for Allseas.

The platform was put down by the Schiedamse construction company SBM Offshore, but there were all kinds of problems in the construction for which the platform never in use. Remove the weather there was the only possible option.

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